Friday, 14 January 2022

Walking At The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Despite the above sign we visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan during the day. Generally speaking outdoor gardens aren't at their best in winter but we found some (strange) bits of interest.

There were a few flowers, as can be seen below. I snapped a few quick photos as we walked.

For a moment, when I spotted this hare, I thought it must be Spring - but the chill in the air soon persuaded me otherwise.

Diggory, the scarecrow, looked quite alone in the vegetable garden, but he had some gloves, a scarf and a hat to protect himself from the cold.

Ah, a few flowers in the Italian Garden and ...

... a very large frog or maybe a toad.

Moving on there was a pleasant tree with beehives in the background

The Sundial Garden was, unfortunately, closed but there were some very large 'flowers' as a consoltation.

Next we came across this beauty alongside the old brick wall.

Moving on to some friendly donkeys.

No other animals about, probably because of the weather ...

... though a few sheep were enjoying the green grass.

A large tree indicated that we were near the Lost Valley and Heligan's jungle.

Lots of greenery to be seen - near and far.

The jungle resides within a steep sided valley and has it's own microclimate. I believe the temperature is about five degrees milder than the other surrounding gardens within Heligan.

We came across some colourful flowers.

All looked brighter, with a pond and a pleasant place to sit

The next photos show the reflections of the surrounding trees in the water.

More reflections and plants. Some of the plants date back to Victorian times, when plant hunters brought back specimans from overseas.

Yet more ferns and plants.

A last glance at the edge of the jungle before we leave to make our way back home.

Have to be quiet though - so we don't awaken the Mud Maid from her slumbers.

I have only included a few of Heligan's gardens. I'd also better add that the novelty items like the hare and the large frog are part of a winter light display and are now being removed. I have written several posts on Heligan including a summer post with lots of photos see:

Well, that's all for this week, hope you are enjoying 2022. Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. It looks a lovely place, Mike. How special the jungly area is! I like the idea that it's about 5 degrees milder than the surrounding area, but I wonder if those are Farenheit degrees or Celcius? All the same, it looks very lush. As for the donkeys, you got me there. I have a great fondness for honkey donks!

    1. Hello and thank you, the jungle is lovely especially when the sunshine arrives and the plants get taller. Yes, donkeys are aleays a pleasure to see. All good wishes.

  2. Heligan is a lovely place, I liked the reflections in the "Jungle". The art installations make it more interesting for the winter.

    1. Thanks David, always looks better in the Spring and Summer but we often visit just for somewhere to walk.

  3. Ah, Mike, it makes me wish I was there. I haven't been for years, but there were no tickets left last summer on the day when we could have visited (Covid restrictions were still in place) ... so we drove on and had a lovely day at Cotehele, with a pasty on the quay. We even saw a Scarlet Tiger moth in the gardens.

  4. Hello Caroline, what a shame that you missed out going to Heligan. They are still using the appointment system. Hopefully this will get back to normal soon - and all of the other things Covid has spoiled. All good wishes.

  5. Lovely gardens Mike and I greatly enjoyed your pictures. The blue pond shot looks like it was taken on a tropical island! I am carefully tip-toeing away so as not to disturb the Mud Maiden.... ;) x

    1. Thanks Lulu, I only wish I'd been to a tropical island - could do with some sunshine. Enjoy your week, don't work too hard.



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