Friday 21 January 2022

Seeking the Winter Colours of Cornwall

Brrrrr! It was freezing at Pentewan, even if there were shades of blue in the sky.

As I returned home I wondered if there was any colour in our garden on such a chilly, January day.

Couldn't see a lot - other than some interesting shades of brown in the hydrangea raised bed - with the green leaves of a primula showing through.

A reddish leaf under another another hydrangea.

By the house wall a brave geranium flower survived with a small head of flowers.

No flowers on this invading green nasturtium though, just raindrops.

Looking upwards into a colourless sky, there's a hint of colour.

A quick detour into our front porch where a Christmas Cacti  (Schlumbergera bridgessii)  lingers on ... does our money plant

The next day, as we were passing Truro's Boscawen Park, we popped in for a walk and hopefully to spot some colour. I liked this tree.

Spotted a cyclamen tucked away in remarkably good condition ... 

... and some more colour.

It started to rain but snapped two more flowers. 

Another day and moving on to a quick visit to Cornwall's Eden Project.

The next four plants I spotted in the Mediterranean Biome.

We then moved on to the Rainforest  Biome, which is usually more interesting (in my opinion).

We arrived at the Baka Basecamp - photo as below!

Baka people live in Mongolu huts while out hunting. It's the men who do the actual hunting and food gathering, while the women build the huts, covering them with Nyongo leaves.

They eat forest fruits, nuts, bush meat and fish killed with plant poisons.

The Baka women sing and make music the night prior to a hunt. They believe this enchants the animals and ensures a successful hunt.

Moving on, there is a wobbly rope bridge high amongst the trees.

Three more photos from Eden's Rainforest Biome.

Now we are homeward bound. The display below is on the route out of the Eden Project.

I then noticed the early daffodils (12th January).

Yes, definitely daffodils, quite made my day.

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have an interesting week ahead. Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. A few touches of colour is what we all need just now Mike. Good to see the early Daffodils, mine are just poking through. Lovely photo's Mike. 😊

    1. Thanks David, we've had a couple of bright days but has been quite cold for Cornwall. Mustn't wish our time away but am looking forward tp Spring. Good wishes.

  2. Gorgeous! You live in such a beautiful area, Mike!

  3. How delightful to see these blossoms in mid January! You’ve chosen a beautiful collection for sharing. It is bitterly cold here, but mostly bright blue skies which helps. I really like seeing the Cyclamen, and it makes me chuckle because I’ve been given several as gifts and I can’t keep them alive for a month! Stay safe and warm, Mike.

    1. Hello Ann, many thanks, it has been quite cold here for the last few days but had one perfect day when the sky was so blue and clear. Stay warm! Always good to hear from you.

  4. Lovely to see such early blossom, Mike. That Baka hut looks tiny! I’ve read about the Eden project elsewhere. Fascinating.

    1. Seemingly the Eden Project will be introduced to quite a few other countries. Always enjoy our Eden walks whatever the season. Good wishes.

  5. Hello Mike, it's so lovely to see the daffs out in the hedgerows. Cyclamens I find just as cheery too. I hope you put your Indiana Jones hat on whilst crossing that rope bridge! The leaf hut is incredible - looks like leather. Lovely photos as always Mike :)

    1. Hello, Lulu. Haha, I managed to cross the bridge without my Indiana Jones Hat. It was good to see the daffs, always uplifting. All good wishes, hope the grey days disappear soon.



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