Friday 28 January 2022

A Wander Around Charlestown on a Blue Sky Day

A chilly, but beautiful winter's day with a blue sky, so we headed to one of our favourites : Charlestown.

I noticed later that there was a brave soul swimming in the sea - see above to right of the photo.

Quite a few boats on view in the dock /port.

It was good to see that the bridge is back in use to cross the water to the main harbour. It looks a bit wibbly wobbly but it's quite safe.

The couple below made it across the bridge and lived to tell the tale.

Looking up at the cottages looking down on us, very popular with holidaymakers.

A few people roaming about on the edge of the harbour.

And looking across to the cliffs. Have to be a bit careful on the stoney beach as there have been a few cliff falls.

A view of the old cottages and the chimney, which is a listed building.

The tide was out in the main harbour.

A closer look at the chimney and cottages. 

Steady if you go below - the cannons are at the ready.

The remains of an old boat, keeping a watchful eye of what is happening.

Finally another look at the cliffs and the blue sky. Looks more like summer than winter - other than people are wearing heavy coats.

Moving on, I found another chimney, also once used in the China Clay Industry. This one is in the Gover Valley.
Also in the valley there is a pleasant small river, with a white tinge from china clay in the local soil.

It's a bit damp in the valley and this makes for some interesting rocks covered in green moss.

A final photo for today, the river and some more greenery.

That's all for today, enjoy your week, all good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Yes, its nice to see some blue sky. We've been enjoying better weather up here on the east coast.
    Some lovely views of Charlestown which seem a bit different to those you've shown before; different viewpoint perhaps? The moss and lychen in your final pictures show how clean the air must be in that area.
    Back to Charlestown however, some great boats on show there. 😊

    1. Thanks David. Afraid that it has been grey and damp for the last few days - but I guess it is to be expected. I did try to change the viewpoint in the Charlestown photos - usually I take pics of the main harbour but, other than the girl with a dog photo, this time I didn't. The river and green moss photos are just a short walk from our house. Good wishes.

  2. Hello Mike, always a delight to see Charlestown, especially on a bright sunny day. The couple were brave to cross that bridge! I love that the Gover chimney looks like it is in someone's garden. Hope you have a wonderful week. Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, thanks, it was good to see a sunny day - don't enjoy these grey, damp days so much. The chimney you mentioned is next to the cottage so, overlooks their garden. Hope you have a happy week.



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