Friday 4 February 2022

Walking at Carlyon Bay, Truro Harbour and Three Wise monkeys

My dear old dad would have said that it was definitely brass monkey* weather. It was cold but we ventured out to Carlyon Bay for a walk along the beach. 

There were only a few people about. Hope the couple below weren't having a paddle, brave if they were.

The sun was doing its best to make it through the cloud cover.

Just the one boat to be seen, which stayed close to the shore.

A problem with the beach is that there is Sandy River cutting through the sand, the water comes from the cliffs.

Towards the end of the beach grasses grow and in the summer a few naturists may also be on display.

At the far end of the beach the river makes its way into the sea - though the river often changes its course.

I guess the beach, in the photos above, look reasonably pleasant. One of the problems though is the fence you can see in the photo below. Behind the fence is where, in 2003, plans were made to build apartments and shops here. This never came to fruition.

So what is left behind the fence are rocks and other debris.  It's all a bit of a mess.

The cliffs are quite high in places as the next two photos show.

Good to see some gorse in flower at the foot of the cliffs.

Moving on - another day.

I had to visit my dentist in Truro for a routine check-up. Afterwards I had a quick look around Truro Harbour. The water is tidal so it often looks a bit muddy. Today though, the water was nicely polished and shiny.

From here it is possible to see the Truro Cathedral spires in the distance.

From the harbour, during the summer, there are boat trips to Falmouth. It's a lovely way to spend some time, especially on a sunshine day.

On one occassion, while on the trip, we were lucky enough to encounter a race for working boats.

They are known as Truro River Oyster Dredging Boats - the name describes their purpose. Traditionally they were made of wood. They are also referred to as Falmouth Working Boats. It's quite a sight to behold. 

There are a few more photos on my post:The Race Is On For The Working Boats 

*Mentioning my father's saying about brass monkeys reminded me that my Grandmother always had three brass wise monkeys on her fireplace. These were a reminder that we should hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil. 
I guess though, more importantly,  we should also do no evil.

That's all for today, thanks for your visit, have a happy week ahead ~ Mike


  1. The beach at Carlyon Bay seems very different to your usual Cornwall beach pictures. The river cutting along it could be quite dangerous for "paddlers" when the tide is in. We we have similar creeks and shifting sandbanks at Humberston, just south of Cleethorpes beach.
    We still get brave paddlers at Cleethorpes but no naturists, as far as I'm aware !! 😮 Truro looks great, as do the racing boats.
    I haven't been out with a camera much lately, too windy. Enjoy the week ahead Mike. 😊

  2. Hello David, not my favourite beach by any means but it's still pleasant to walk along the beach as it is a reasonable length. We've had the odd pleasant day but it has now turned quite cold.
    Hope you are able to get out with your camera soon. Good wishes.

  3. Hello Mike, you have captured glorious colours at Carlyon beach. What a shame they left all that fencing and rubble though. I was shocked to see how the River Gannel now cuts across Crantock beach. It has greatly changed course since I used to play in it as a kid, and it has become very dangerous. Aren't the Truro Oyster Dredging boats wonderful! I can spy Radio Cornwall, where I worked for a bit, overlooking the water. The three brass monkeys, although cheeky looking, are very wise. Hope you have a great week. Lulu :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello Lulu, interesting what you say about the River Gannel and Crantock Beach. I haven't been that way for a couple of years, must ty to have a look. Yes, the dredging boats are special. It was great to see them racing. All the best, take care.




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