Friday, 1 July 2022

A Flavour of The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

We hadn't been for a while, so thought a visit to Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan was due. 

As we walked I snapped a few photos to give a flavour of the gardens. Apples are beginning to show above and below vegetables are growing (or will grow) under glass.

An abundance of flowers in the next few photos.

A couple of water lilies ...

... and back to other flowers.

Moving into the Sundial Garden with its original red brick walls.

Heligan isn't just flowers the various gardens stretch over 200 acres so there is plenty of open space

Moving on to the Lost Valley and the Jungle. The leaves get a lot bigger!

 We sat in the cool for a while by a pond.

A robin came to say hello by the water. Some say the birds can be messengers from beyond the grave. A bit fanciful, no doubt, but it would have been my mother's birthday - and she loved robins.

More large leaves as we make our way towards the exit homeward bound.

That's all for The Lost Gardens of Heligan for today: sometimes described as 200 acres of garden history, mystery and, perhaps, romance.

I'll finish off today's post with a few flowers from my own garden.

Thanks for visiting my blog. All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. I always enjoy your visits to the Lost Gardens and to your own! Both very lovely and colorful, beautifully photographed. I would take the robin as a greeting from your mother as well as her wishes for a lovely weekend. Why not!

    1. Hello Ann, I'm a bit slow responding as we have been away for a week. Must admit I quite like the thought of a robin being a messenger.

  2. Lovely photo's from the Lost Gardens, I especially enjoyed the Cosmos as I'm growing them for the first time. The walled garden, jungle area and open meadows are impressive, I like the "big leaves". Gunera?
    Your garden is very attractive with a pleasant range of flowers. Take care Mike. 😊 🐕 🐢

    1. Thanks David, I'm a bit slow with the reply as we have been away for a week. Yes, many Gunneras in the jungle area at Heligan. Good wishes - sunshine at last!

  3. Hello Mike, gorgeous photos of Heligan. I just love the big jungly leaves on the Tetrapanex papyrifer (Chinese rice paper plant). Of course your own garden is looking very beautiful too! :) x

  4. Hello Lulu, thanks. As for Tetrapanex papyrife, I'll have to drop that into a conversation at home, should impress them! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.



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