Friday 24 June 2022

Charlestown Harbour on a Sunshine Day Plus Spit Beach

Time seemed to stand still as the sailing ship made its way along the Cornish coast. The blueness of the sea and sky seemed almost unreal.

The ship passed Charlestown and continued along the coast.

Meanwhile children enjoyed the water by the small beach.

A further ship passed by the entrance to Charlestown's Harbour.

There's always something interesting to see at Charlestown - well I think so. We walked away from the harbour to the small port. Across the water is the Pier House a pub and restaurant or, perhaps, somewhere for coffee.

A few wisps of clouds in the sky now.

We crossed the rickety bridge and noticed the Kelly's Ice Cream van park up and, miracle after miracle, my wife bought me an ice cream!

We wandered by the boats enjoying the coolness of the ice cream.

A final look back along the port to the harbour and sea. We made our way back home.

It was such a bright blue day at Charlestown but the previous day was somewhat different.

We intended to go to Par Market but forgot that it isn't open every day. Instead we went to nearby Spit Beach. The good thing was that there wasn't anyone else on the beach. The dullness of the day kept people away.

An old lookout from WW2 brightened the scene.

It's not a special beach, by any means, but there was a feeling of space and serenity. The tide was a long way out.

The low cliffs looked almost silver...

... when looking upwards.

We spotted a tent, but still no one in sight.

It may not have been so blue and sunny as our visit to Charlestown but fresh air, peace and quiet can be enjoyable too.

On leaving Spit Beach, the path was full of wild flowers including a mass of foxgloves.

And so ends this weeks post, thanks for the visit. Have a good week, all good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Delightful photo's Mike of my favourite place that you take us to. Charlestown looks lovely with blue skies and the sailing boat out on the ocean looks so serene.
    Spit beach is so different but I can appreciate how the peace & quiet made up for the dullness in the weather. Very enjoyable post, enjoy this weekend and stay safe. 😊 🐕 🐢

    1. Thanks David, it was certainly a lovely morning at Charlestown. People about but not too many. As for Spit beach, it's nothing special but is part of the coastal path. Hope you have a good weekend, though I don't think the weather will be special

  2. Hello Mike, oooh that blue sea is unreal! Gorgeous pictures. An icecream 'eh - looks like you've certainly been enjoying this sun. It has just ominously clouded over here, as the weather man said it would. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Lulu (Blogger won't let me comment as me for some reason :0 )

    1. Hello Lulu, your name has come up okay on your comment. Nice to have an ice cream, made me feel on holiday. Hope you have a good weekend and the weather stays kind. Good wishes.

  3. What a beautiful day to be in Charlestown and your photos are great! I'd like to be on that sailing vessel with an ice-cream in hand. I know you prefer just the ice-cream. I'm glad that you can explore the area before the summer tourists arrive, or perhaps they are already there. It seems that people are beginning to travel more now. Let's hope everyone can do it safely. Thank you for the beautiful tour, as usual!

    1. Thanks Ann, it was a perfect day at Charlestown - sunshine and only a few visitors. Today though, windy and rain! The tourists are arriving now, quite a few older people before the children are on school holiday, I think it will be a busy season now that the Covid threat is less - hopefully. Trust all is well, all good wishes.

  4. What a coincidence. We were there the same day, on our way to Par. The day after we walked to Polperro.

  5. I mean, the same day in Charlestown, bought ice creams and saw on oldtimer in the harbour and people in nice clothes, maybe a years end party for school. Leendert and Wilma

    1. Charlestown is one of my favourite places, usually something of interest to see, Thank you for leaving a comment, good wishes.




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