Friday 12 August 2022

Sand, Sea and Sunshine at Newquay, Cornwall

After we eventually found somewhere to park our car in Newquay we wandered slowly along the cliffs, all was well with the world.

The weather was perfect and there were flowers along the cliff tops. Lewinnick Lodge could be seen on the Pentire Headland.

Looking back the Headland hotel can just be seen,  to the right of the photo.

 If you like sand and lots of elbow room the Gannel Estuary must be paradise - but beware of the tides, this can also be a dangerous place to swim or wade.

We noticed this memorial bouquet amongst the shrubs. A reminder, perhaps, to appreciate our loved ones.

It's quite pleasant to sit overlooking the sand dunes.

We then retraced our steps.

There was a reminder not to fall off the cliffs. We were happy to comply with the request.

Getting nearer to the Headland Hotel, built in 1897, and the popular Fistral beach.

A closer look at the majestic Headland Hotel. It was was opened in June 1900 and has hosted royalty. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra were the first to stay at the hotel in the early 1900s. The current Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and Princess Ann have also enjoyed several visits - at least I presume they enjoyed themselves! Hard to tell what they are thinking at times.

Gradually the colours of the evening could be seen.

During the day, in the summer months, cars are parked along the road ... 
... this is because there are paths leading to Fistral Beach and also many hotels  - with the Headland Hotel in the far distance.

That's all for today, all good wishes ~ Mike.

P.S. It's interesting how many people worldwide are interested in Cornwall. Here are the top 10 countries visiting my blog over the previous month.

(1) UK - I guess this is expected.
(2) USA
(3) Germany
(4) France
(5) Australia
(6) Canada
(7) Ireland
(8) Italy
(9) Russia - most unexpected!
(10) Netherlands


  1. Lovely photo's of the area around Newquay Mike. The beaches are so varied and Fistral beach is understandably very popular. Gannel Estuary looks so peaceful but I can see how currents might be dangerous. We have an area near us known as the Fitties where creeks and the tide can be be treacherous, a man was drowned there this week.
    I love the end of day pics in the blue hour. Take care in the heat Mike. 😊 🐕 🐢

  2. Hello David, thanks. It is certainly still quite hot here as the grass gets browner still. Newquay has some lovely beaches but gets very busy in the main summer season. Take care, good wishes.

  3. This is my neighbour hood - great pictures and blog! 👍

    1. Thank you very much. Some great beaches in your 'neighbourhood'. Cheers!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of Newquay's Pentire headland Mike. It is one on my favourite places on earth. We used to holiday at a hotel at the base of Esplanade Road. It was called The Philema and many of the rooms looked out over Fistral Beach and the Headland Hotel (or Witches' Hotel as we called it - as that is where the Grand High Witch was holidaying!). Such happy memories. Sadly the hotel is long gone, pulled down and replaced with fancy flats. I thoroughly enjoyed this post :) x



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