Friday 5 August 2022

Flowers in my Cornwall Garden

As we had been away from home, for a break, on our return I wandered around our garden to see if it had survived okay without us and snapped a few photos.  The flowers in the photo below below are visitors, they often tumble over our neighbours fence to say hello.

The pansies seem to be quite shy and almost hidden away.

The dahlia, of course, are show offs - but we seem to have lost a few dahlia this year. They usually winter quite happily in the garden.

The gladioli are also very gaudy...

... as are the lilies.

The geraniums survived okay in their crib.

This is one of the fuchsia which stay in the garden all year round.

Passion flowers or Passiflora: they have spread so quickly over a garden wall. Lots of flowers this year.

We have several hydrangea, this one is from a cutting. The flower heads on the larger plants are quite heavy.

Finally something different - a peach tree! Well not quite but it may have peaches one day - perhaps. You may have seen my post Growing Apple Tree From A Pip. This is about how my wife grew an apple tree from a pip which has produced apples. She has now moved on to peaches! Not sure how many years I'll have to wait for any fruit, but I won't hold my breath. The apple tree took eight years!

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All good wishes ~ Mike


  1. Lovely photo's of the flowers in your garden Mike & your grass looks a lot greener than mine. I like the Pashion flower and Hydrangea but the Dahlias steal the show

    1. Thanks David. Our front lawn isn't too bad but the back garden has still got big patches of brown. I like dahlia, though this year the flowers have dropped quickly because of the lack of rain.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I think I would get on with your wife - the peach tree is fab :)

  3. Thanks Lulu, we shall see what happens with the peach tree!



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