Friday 16 September 2022


We walked from home and mentioned that the  dahlia, in our garden, aren't quite as good this year. We headed towards a nearby lane, passing by this gate, and the old concrete items on display - including a miller's wheel perhaps.

There was a dampness in the air. Perfect for the moss to thrive on the old walls. 

A few remaining wild flowers are far from their best but they still have a certain appeal.

I didn't expect to see one of the little people, so soon on our walk, they usually hide away. 

A small stream wriggles along the lane - with more greenery on display.

There were more shades of green on an old wall.

A path into the woods looked tempting.

A few raindrops in the wind, but they soon went away.

The small stream again.

You never know what you may find on a walk, if you have time to stand and stare. You might even see two decorated chairs in the undergrowth - most unexpected!

These two creatures sat happily on a wall.

A few wild flowers lingered on.

Back at home, after our walk, this fuchsia looked okay ...

... as did the dahlia hiding amongst the hydrangea leaves.

Another day, another (short) walk. Hope you have a happy week.
Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Lovely flowers and moss Mike. What a great spot to park up two chairs. Even better with a flask of coffee :) x

    1. I often walk along this lane and have never seen the chairs previously - most odd!



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