Friday 23 September 2022


Something a little different today. The photo above is of Pentewan, Cornwall showing part of the harbour, circa 1900. So, over one hundred years later, I tried to find the exact same scene. The photo below is what I managed to snap.

I climbed a small path (safely) up the side of the cliff and eventually found the very same cottage, as the photo above shows. The skyline also seems very much the same. I tried to go higher so as to exactly match the 1900 photo but there were too many bushes and trees to take a photo.
I did, however, snap a photo from ground level to show where the cottage is positioned.  Unfortunately another property has since been built partly in front of the cottage spoiling the view. I placed a red dot on the cottage above.

The house directly below the red dot is the old Harbour Master's residence.

In the late 1800s, and early 1900s the harbour would have been full of tall sailing ships exporting local china clay, metals and the like all over the world. That is all in the past now as the harbour is landlocked.

Pentewan  nowadays is a quiet village during the winter but gets a fair share of holiday makers and tourists during the summer, spring and autumn seasons.
Pentewan harbour, Cornwall
The photos above and below show how Pentewan looks nowadays - on a sunshine day. Most of the holiday makers must have been on the beach!
Pentewan village, Cornwall
... or, there again, maybe they weren't on the beach, as it looks so quiet on Pentewan Beach.

Of course, it's not always sunshine at Pentewan!

That's all for today. All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. How lovely Mike to re- create the photo over one hundred years later. I reakon that doggy in the old photo is probably buried under one of those cottage garden trees or shrubs. Beautiful beach x

  2. I have done a few photos like this comparing the past with today, always interesting. Thanks Lulu.



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