Friday, 7 October 2022


It was a dull, dreary morning but we headed for the beach at Carlyon Bay. There are actually three beaches, Crinnis, Shorthorn and Polgaver which join to make one long stretch. 

The large car park was free, but there was a charge of £3 throughout the summer season  

We began by walking at the back of the beach next to the cliffs.

A small river wriggles through the sand.

The cliffs were fenced off years ago as a village style development was planned here, but this has never come to fruition. 

Tufts of grasses grow on this side of the beach.

Looking back to view where we had walked so far.

The sea can be seen across the beach, but it didn't look too inviting.

The cliffs, as shown below, are as far as you can walk along this side of the beach. Actually that isn't strictly true as  you can clamber up the cliffs and reach the coastal path. This is not recommended though. 

We crossed the sand and the small river, to reach the sea, to make this a circular walk. 

The sand is much smoother here.

Not a footprint to be seen. 

Some seaweed on the shore.

When the sun shines the sea and sand can look quite special.

A metal fence on the opposite side of the beach.

A mixture of seaweed on the shore.

We now reach the end of the beach. The road at the top of these cliffs has some dream houses and a hotel.

Below is the area where most visitors seem to gravitate as, during the summer months, there are beach bars and the like. 

We now make our way back to our car passing the cliffs.

A sign shows the way to the Coast Path.

All in all our walk was just over three miles.

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  1. Thanks for the tour Mike. Three for one! Fab pictures :) x




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