Friday 28 October 2022


It's been a strange old week as I haven't had a chance to get out and about taking photos. I did manage, however, to wander around our garden!  So, a few bedraggled pics follow. We still have quite a few passion flowers, Passiflora, on display as seen above. I liked the spiral below.

A few fungi had popped up on the damp grass.

We always seem to have many pink flowers, which really isn't my cup of tea. 

The dahlia are a mite windblown and damp. The trees and greenery, in the photo, are on the opposite side of the road - see also the final photo on this post.

A couple of hydrangeas.

A red and white display.

Another fungus.

More pink flowers: fuchsia, fighting for space.

Cornish stone on our house, plus something creeping around the corner.

A bashful fuchsia hiding by a large plant pot.

A windswept dahlia again.

More passion flowers.

Finally, looking out from our front garden to the trees on the opposite of the road.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. You still have some colour in your garden which is good to see. The Passion flowers are very flamboyant. My garden died while I was in hospital, it was still during the hot dry spell. Most of my things are in containers which needed a lot of watering and my family did their best.
    You have a lovely "borrowed view" across the road. Very windy here, the leaves are falling from the trees quickly now. David.

    1. Hello David, it's a shame to see the colours disappear in the gardens but Autumn has some lovely shades as your recent photos showed. With the trees on the other side of the road we get lots of leaves in our garden, but I don't mind too much. I just hope they never want to build there. Take care.

  2. Wonderful colours Mike. The pink ones look like Jersey Lilies. Aren't the passion flowers fab! You have a great view over to the trees. Lovely to be surrounded by flowers and trees :) x



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