Friday, 21 October 2022


A mooch around Charlestown in 25 photos, starting by looking across the port and seeing a few of the sailing ships

Across the water is the Pier House - for coffee or something stronger or perhaps for a meal.

We are now looking at both sides of the port The water is reflecting a bright blue colour from the sky.

A couple of the cottages alongside the harbour.

A quick look at one of the two beaches. It had been a rough night judging by all of the seaweed on shore.

A couple of photos looking down the port

Lots of seats and umbrellas below for warmer days. Though the sky is blue it's still a bit nippy.

The harbour, but not many people about or any other activities. The pink cottage is the same one as found five photos back.

 Here is the entrance to the harbour. It is tidal so not very deep water at the time of clicking.

Next, three photos also of the harbour.

Moving on now to the opposite side of the port to where we started - six photos in all.

Moving on to one of the ways out of Charlestown passing by the old chapel.

An art gallery and gifts emporium.

A cottage with some colour in the garden.

The final photo for today: The Rashleigh Arms pub and restaurant named after Charles Rashleigh.

So that's all for today unless, that is, you want to buy a new house in Charlestown!! A while back I mentioned how some new houses were being built in the village. Most of them are now sold but here's how they look.

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  1. Ah, lovely Charlestown. Why we didn't visit on our holiday in Cornwall years ago I'll never know, perhaps it's kept a secret? It's good to see some blue sky and bright colours and there's so much to see around the harbour. I love the old cottages but not so keen on those new developments, there are similar places in the Lake District.
    Grey skies + rain here for a day or two, take care Mike.

    1. Hello David, good to hear from you. It was such a pleasant day to visit Charlestown with the bonus of quite a few ships in port. At times it can look quite empty. Afraid Charlestown is quite well known now and can get busy in the summer. As you probably know some of the scenes for the TV Poldark series were filmed here. As for the new houses, not to my taste either. They are not in an area where the tourists usually visit. Hope you are on the mend - slowly - take care, all good wishes.

  2. Hello Mike, very fine photos of Charlestown, a place that looks great no matter the season. The old cottages are very handsome, though the new houses are appealing; less spiders and heating required I suspect. That said, I don't think the contents of my piggy bank would cover the cost ;) I'd have to dingy ride in under the cover of darkness, being careful to avoid those cannons! ;) x

    1. Gosh, yes, those new houses would hopefully be free of spiders. We have had some big ones over the last couple of weeks, but I gently persuaded them to go out in the garden. Thanks Lulu,don't, work too hard! Good wishes.

  3. That is one delightful harbour, Mike. I love the boats. A couple of them look Norwegian to me. Very classic. And the colours of the cottages against the hilly backdrop are picture perfect! Thank you for showing us Charlestown.

    1. For some reason I feel a connection with Charlestown, not sure why, perhaps in another life! All good wishes.

  4. Anthony Pengelly. Liverpool.30 October 2022 at 01:57

    Great photographs. The pink painted house, (the last one before harbour wall), used to be the Harbour Masters Office. My grandfather and grandmother, Mr & Mrs Archibald Pengelly, lived at 26 CHARLESTOWN ROAD. A few doors away from the Chapel. I hope to visit next April/May.
    Many happy memories, which you photographs brought. Thank you

    1. Hello, thanks for your interesting comment, I hope you make it to Charlestown next year. One of the cottages, near the pink one, was on the market for £500,000. Good wishes.




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