Tuesday 31 October 2023

A Wander around Padstow, Cornwall with 12 Photos.

Today a look at Padstow, Cornwall starting off at the harbour.

Moving on to glimpses of the colourful back streets.

Now the sea and coast. There is a pleasant walk alongside the River Camel Estuary

As you walk you might notice bits and pieces from the war, or even some much older bits and pieces.

When the tide is out there are great swathes of sand.

Nowadays boats are able to enter the harbour - but it hasn't always been that way according to Cornish folklore. For an example see my post : Tristram Bird and the mermaid

More sand, fun when there aren't too many people about - but Padstow gets very busy in the summer season.

Wandering back to the harbour.

Finally, for today, the walk back to Padstow town.

Many thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike


  1. On our one and only holiday to Devon and Cornwall I remember visiting Padstow and your photos are a happy reminder. Not much appears to gave changed, maybe the colours have changed on the houses?
    Lovely scenes and boats in your pics, I like pictures number 9 & 10 with the vast beaches being enjoyed by a few people.

  2. Thanks David, Glad that the photos brought back some happy memories. As for the Padstow houses I guess some have changed colours over the years. No doubt Popcorn would enjoy the flat sand.
    We had quite a storm last night and strong winds. Our electric was cut off this morning - back again now thank goodness. Take care.

  3. The in,y time I’ve been to Padstow was in a somewhat wet and windy holiday back un 1988. Your photos are of a much brighter more colourful scene than I remember, but I know it was just the weather that did it. Thank you for showing me Padstow’s prettier face. That beach is stunning!

    1. Unfortunately Padstow wouldn't look so colourful at the moment, it has been quite grey and rainy recently in Cornwall. Thanks, good wishes.

  4. Beautiful pictures Mike. I love the vivid green of the sea and the hull of the boat in the first couple of pictures. Nice to see Padstow outside of the summer season x




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