Monday 23 October 2023

A Quick Photo Trip Around Cornwall

I haven't been out with my camera for a while - the weather and other things seem to have got in the way. Anyway, here are a few pics from my archives to show I haven't forgotten everyone.
We start off above in Charlestown on a windy day and below Mevagissey with a few of the fishing boats in the harbour.

Swiftly moving on to a view of the sea from the Esplanade at Fowey - one of my favourite towns.

Shopping now at Trago Mills. They sell just about everything. One of the entrances to the store is via the attractive  bridge below. 

A splash of the sea now at Spit Beach.

There's a heck of a lot of sand at Padstow - when the tide is out.

Here we are now at Newquay famed for its surfing. The photo, though, is of the harbour.

A glimpse of Cornwall's Eden Project. Plants and flowers tucked up nice and cosy in giant biomes.

A look across the River Fowey to Polruan.

Moving on to Mullion Cove with its granite harbour wall.

Cliffs on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula.

Some interesting thatched cottages to be seen when out and about in Cornwall.

A final stop to enjoy the beach at Bude on Cornwall's north coast.

That's all for now ~ thanks for visiting my blog. Take care.
All good wishes,  Mike.


  1. Some lovely photos here Mike. Boats & water always appeals to me as does red, white and blue.
    The sunny scenes and blue skies are a welcome change from the current grim weather

    1. Thanks David - I see the colours you like are very patriotic! I always enjoy the strong colours on your posts. This morning (Wednesday) was quite pleasant, with some sunshine, but has gone downhill this afternoon and feels quite chilly and the sky has turned grey. All the best.

  2. I never thought I would see a Flamingo on a Cornish beach in my lifetime, even if it is just the name of a boat on Mullion Cove ;-)
    Mind you I have never seen a flamingo in real life either, just yet, but that all might change next year if I travel to Singapore and visit the bird gardens there.

    1. Hello Darren, yes unusual to see a flamingo on a beach! The trip to Singapore sounds interesting, hope you make it. Trust all is well with you, It's dull and chilly in the UK at the moment, plus there have been floods in parts of the country.

    2. I'm doing OK Mike, but there are currently bad bushfires in my home Australian state of Queensland, which is really just the beginning of the "bushfire/cyclone season" as we head towards summertime and Christmas.
      I'm not a fan of Australian summers ... or Australian summer sport to be honest.
      At least Spurs are going well in the EPL I see.

    3. Spurs are doing well - top 0f the Premiership. My grandson is a big fan and has done the stadium tour. In Cornwall it's dull with rain promised. Not my favourite month. Take care.

  3. Oh wow, the sea in your Fowey picture looks sublime. The trip trap entrance to the Trago Mills store looks a little more fun than the Falmouth branch shop. Always lovely to see Newquay harbour :) x

  4. LOVE your photos. An American, Cornwall is in my blood from all these branch lines:
    Barnes 1470, South Molton Devon
    Basset 1560s Illogan Cornwall
    Bellnack 1600s Laddock, Cornwall
    Bond 1700s, Ladock, Cornwall
    Bonython 1525 Bonython, Cornwall
    Buddle 1660, Peranzabuloe, Cornwall
    Cavell 1645 Fowey, Cornwall
    Callaways gave the windows at St. Neot's in Warlegan
    Courtenay 980s, Loiret France
    Colquit late 1400s Fowey, Cornwall
    DeLondres 1300 Devon
    Dowing, Mawnan, Cornwell
    Estcott 1560s Cornwall
    Grenfeld 1500s Cornwall
    Goldophin 1520 Godolphin, Cornwall
    Hallamore 1500s, Penryn
    Ivery 1772 Mullion, Cornwall
    James Wendron and Breage Cornwall, 1700s
    Jenkins 1540s, St Columb Minor, Cornwall
    Jollar 1590s, Cornwall
    Joliffe 1600s Jacobstow, Cornwall
    Kendall 1556 Lanivet, Cornwall
    Killygrew(Kyllygrew) 1485 Penryn, Cornwall - pirates in this line
    Langdon 1500s Jacobstow, Cornwall ?
    Leigh 1470s South Molton, Devon
    Mohun direct line
    (Related to nearly every name on this chart)

    Orchards 1600s Cornwall
    Pearce 1700s Jacobstow,, Cornwall connection with John Wesley who stayed in home
    Petit 140s Philleigh, Cornwall,
    Rashleighs 1100s (Devon then to Fowey, Cornwall) Phillip Rashleigh, progenitor, is a direct line ancestor.

    Polkinghorne 1630s, Breage Cornwall, then Redruth
    Pasco 1542 in St Columb Minor, Cornwall, to Virginia, 1800s
    Specott 1500s Cornwall
    Thomas(Carsew) 1480 St Kew
    Trewolla Roseland peninsula -- My grandmother's name




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