Monday 9 October 2023

Newquay Cliff Tops Plus Sand Galore at the The Gannel Estuary, Cornwall

Okay, these photos were taken before the weather got grim and grumbly, but I remember enjoying this short walk in Newquay Cornwall.

Flowers were out on the cliff tops and all was well with the world.

The walk, or perhaps it was just a stroll, was mostly along the cliff tops. Looking downwards Lewinnick Lodge came into view (photo above). A pleasant setting for a Sunday dinner. Many of the windows have sea views.
More cliff tops below.

If you like sand, you'll find lots at the Gannel Estuary, plus a bench to take in the view.

Yes, lots of sand but be aware of the tides. This can be a dangerous place to swim or wade.

There is sand and dunes galore.

Looking back we noticed a fresh flower memorial had been left on the shrubbery. This must have once been someone's special place.

After enjoying the sand we followed the path back to where we started. 

Nearby is Fistral Beach, Newquay, said to be one of the best for surfing, due to the consistency and quality of the surf.

The impressive Headland Hotel, opened in 1900, can also be seen in the photo above. King Charles, prior to becoming King, made a few visits.
And now the final photo for today. I've shown the good, so here's the not so good - cars galore! it can be difficult to get a parking space in the summer season.

That's my lot for today. 
Thanks for visiting my blog - Mike


  1. I recently subscribed to the Britbox streaming service to watch the 2008 BBC TV series 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' after reading the book and saw they had 'Rick Stein's Cornwall' on there, as well, which I have been watching.
    Between your blog posts and Rick's TV show I'm starting to hunger for a Cornish meal over there, especially when you keep mentioning restaurants in your posts Mike.
    Cheers ... and keep walking ... and posting.

    1. Hello Darren, yes Rick Stein's restaurant is well known in Padstow - perhaps a little too well known for some of the locals. I've never been in his restaurant, mainly because I'm vegetarian - though my wife would like a meal there. Interesting how you hear of Cornwall where you are. Good to hear from you.

  2. Hi Mike, lovely photos and weather. Not so good here today, grey and raining but better forecast for the weekend. This spell of late summer weather certainly lifts the spirits.
    You mentioned the dangers of swimming at the Gunnel Estuary and in your photo I can see the trails of were the tide meanders in, its a telltale sign of fast currents similar to our Fitties beach. Take care, David

    1. Hello David, thanks, it's grey and dull here today (Friday) but a couple of pleasant days promised for next week - fingers crossed! In the past barges were poled or rowed up the Gannel Estuary on the incoming tide carrying the likes of coal and timber. Good wishes.

  3. Oh I loved this post Mike. I notice on the local news there's a stretch of unstable Gannel sand dunes off bounds on the Crantock side. The Esplanade hotel restaurant (pictured in your last pic) has the best views of Fistral and I love the Lodge too :) x




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