Saturday 30 September 2023

GORAN HAVEN CORNWALL ~ An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Today's  photos are based on the Goran Haven area - a couple of miles from Mevagissey, and about eight miles from St. Austell.

This time of year the harbour is at peace but can get very busy in the summer months.

Goran Haven is a fishing village. It is said that the first pier was built way back in the 15th century.  

From GoranHaven we sometimes walk along the coast to Vault Beach and beyond ....

... passing by some interesting cottages.

Alternatively it's possible to walk to Vault Beach (below) and beyond via the coastal path. It's quite a slope to reach the beach. Be warned that, at the far end of the beach, there are often naturists / nudists.

We we returned to Goran Haven, and then beyond, to Little Perhaver Beach. There are steps down to the actual beach.

Houses at the top of the cliffs must have some very special views.

We wandered to Goran Haven Village and the old customs office (below).

The sign above the door is that of the Geological Society of Cornwall. The plaque states that Charles W. Peach, the renowned Naturalist and fossil collector, lived here from 1834 to 1845.

It is said that Peach was visited here by Charles Darwin and Alfred Lord Tennyson and they would have boat trips along the coast to Mevagissey.

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  1. Looks beautiful Mike! My neighbour lent me a book a couple of winters ago called 'Laughs & sweet memories: A personal portrait of Gorran Haven' - which was a lovely read :)

    1. Hello Lulu. We used to go to Goran Haven regularly, years ago, when our children were small - that brings back some memories! The book you mentioned sounds interesting. All good wishes.

  2. This is a charming village Mike and the sort of place I enjoy photographing. Your photos are great and really promote Goran Haven well.

  3. Thanks a lot David, one of the places I will always remember. All the best, hope your new camera is going well.



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