Monday 25 September 2023

A Short Walk on Carlyon Beach, Cornwall

We hadn't been able to get out walking for a while, so decided on a short walk along the beach at Carlyon Bay. There's no car parking charge at the moment- not that I'm a tight wad of course!

Only a few people on the beach as you can see by the photos. The weather was changeable but mostly with a touch of blue in the sky.

I've walked on the beach here for many years but had never noticed this hole in the rocks previously.

There was a lot of seaweed about.

The sea was a lovely shade blue.

We got talking to someone and the sea seemed even brighter with fluffy white clouds.

We crossed  the beach, walking towards the cliffs.

There's a proper path to walk by the cliffs.

First though, we looked across the beach.

The view stretches to the Gribbin Tower in the distance - well it did with my camera's zoom.

Back to the cliffs and more realistic colours. Actually it started rain.

A few shrubs and plants alongside the path as we made our way back to our car.

We got back to our car without getting too wet. 

The photo below shows the far end of the beach at Carlyon Bay, on a previous early morning walk. Always special to be the first on the sand.

That's my lot for today.
Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.

I mentioned Gribbin Tower in the post, here's one of my posts on Gribbin Head and the Tower:


  1. Lovely beach scenes Mike and nice to see the unspoilt sands. There's something very peaceful and relaxing when the visitors have gone, I like to see our beaches full if only for the traders but the seafront takes on a different atmosphere now.
    Lovely fluffy white clouds on pic number 7 and some others too. Take care Mike 😊

    1. Thanks David for your comment. I quite like this time of year when many of the visitors have retuned to their part of the world. We haven't been able to get out much recently so it was pleasant just to wander slowly along the sand, even if it did start to rain. Best wishes David.

  2. Seems that Cornwall has endless variation in its geography with beaches, plains, high cliffs, unique rock formations and so on! You’ve captured these features very well, including the interesting vegetation. Off season is our favorite time for exploring. However did you resist finding a stick and drawing on that smooth sand! Best wishes as always, Ann.

    1. Good to 'see' you Ann. This is the best time for us, when most of the 'emmets' have disappeared. Emmets being a Cornish local name for holiday makers. I resisted walking on the smooth sand. Hope you enjoy your exploring. All good wishes.

  3. I agree, this time of year is wonderful for beach visits. So lucky when yours are the first footprints in the sand. A bit disappointed you didn't write 'Mike Woz Ere' in the sand though ;) As every, lovely photos and a super looking walk :) x

    1. Thanks Lulu - a bit slow in seeing your comment so apologies. Trust all is well. Nothing like a walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs away, Good wishes.




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