Tuesday 13 February 2024

Introduction to Gover Valley, Cornwall

 A few photos today of Gover Valley where there is usually an abundance of greenery. 

A stream tinkles along.

It would be easy to imagine a few of the little people - fairies and the like - are watching on.

Green branches reach out to  touch the passing walker.

Boulders galore, perhaps, they provide places for those little people to hide.

A bright green wall guides the stream for a short distance.

Darker green moss clings to remnants of the once china clay industry. A gentleman I met, a while back, told me how his dog disliked this area and would not pass by without by without a struggle. 

There's a steep road  to the top of the valley, from where there are views of the greenery and a chimney from the once china clay industry

There's another look at the chimney and a row of houses. In the background is a china clay 'pyramid' cfreated from china clay spoils, but  has now been taken over by nature.

That's all for today's post but for more info on Gover Valley see my blog post with 40 photos:

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.


  1. What a lovely place Mike, the atmosphere there must be pollution free judging by all the Lichen & Moss growing everywhere. I love the little streams, when we used to holiday in the lakes district we used to seek out the small streams and waterfalls.
    Lovely post Mike, take care, David.

  2. Thanks David, it's hard to believe now that this area was used by the china clay industry. A different world now. Waterfalls and small streams are always interesting, especially if there aren't other people about. Good wishes.

  3. Lovely pictures Mike.
    I remember back in 2016 when I was in Tasmania how The Eden project was thinking of building a similar dome in Hobart, but nothing has come to fruition as of 2024.

    1. Oops!
      That comment was meant for your following post about the Eden Project.
      My bad:-)



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