Wednesday 25 March 2020

Walking Along the Beach at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Fresh air at Carlyon Bay for today's effort to stave off the coronavirus.

It's a long sandy beach - well sort of. The actual sand is quite gritty to the touch. There is a reason for this. Some of it is  the remains of waste from previous tin and china clay industries.

The local dogs don't seem to mind, nor do most visitors.

At the far end of the beach are rocks and the sand was untouched. There's always something pleasing about being the first to make a footprint.

It was a bit of a chilly day and the sea was beginning to get a little rougher than usual.

Lots of shells on the rocks.

It's interesting to see the different patterns and shapes on the rocks.

The barrel below was washed ashore. I recently found a similar one on a different beach. They both appeared empty and must have been in the sea for quite a period judging by the seaweed and other attachments.

We started to make our way back to our car ...

… walking past Crinnis Rock.

On the way back I found this bundle made up of shells, bits and pieces and plastic. Plastic sadly seems to get everywhere.

Looking forward to lunch!


  1. The breakers look quite lively but I'm assuming they get rougher? On our bit of coast we dont have rocks, only imported ones for breakwaters. Those dogs are having a good time, no-one about much so ideal for a walk.

  2. It is a perfect place to walk as lots of space. However, yesterday morning we intended to do the same walk but the entrance was all fenced off - no one allowed. I guess it's to do with the virus, stopping people gathering. So I had to do a bit of gardening instead.
    As for the breakers they don't get too rough along this stretch of coast. Cornwall's Atlantic north coast is the best for surfing and the like.

  3. It’s wonderful to see these lovely beach scenes and I probably would have tried to haul that barrel home! I can’t resist a beach treasure, but I know from experience that wood objects can quickly make a home smell like something rotten! We were staying in except for occasional car rides.

  4. Hello Ann, We are pretty much indoors now. New legislation has been brought in and we can only go out in a car if 'essential'. Trips to the beach, even deserted beaches, are not considered essential unfortunately.
    Anyway, have to make the best of it, take care.



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