Saturday 28 March 2020

Walking Along Spit Beach, Cornwall

Spit Beach, Cornwall

Another walk along a beach - and without seeing anyone else. This is Spit Beach but, as I have said on a previous post, this is far from being my favourite. In saying that it was a sunny, blue sky March day so we felt quite happy on the beach and looking over the rocks and pools.

Spit Beach, Cornwall

The tide was out so we could reach parts not normally seen at high tide.

Small cave at Spit Beach, Cornwall

Lots of rock pools but I didn't find anything particularly interesting - though the sun dazzled the water in the photo below.

Rock Pool at Spit Beach, Cornwall

Some cliffs ...

Cliffs at Spit Beach, Cornwall

… and yet more cliffs. I think that the cliff below looks somewhat like a lion's head - or maybe not!

Cliffs at Spit Beach, Cornwall

An archway in the cliffs to run through if so inclined - walking is also allowed.

Cliffes, Spit Beach, Cornwall

Finally we retrace our steps back along the beach. Still nobody else about.

Spit Beach, Cornwall

A view looking over the beach to the Carlyon Bay Golf Course. Not a golfer in sight, of course, because of the coronavirus.

Spit Beach, Cornwall

At this end of the beach there is an old World War 2 lookout building. It's in poor repair and even the graffiti is poor!

WW2 look-out post at Spit Beach

Walking back to the car we pass the golf course.

Carlyin Bay Golf Course, Cornwall

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  1. What always impresses me about the beaches in Cornwall is how diverse they are. Not just lovely sandy beaches but rocks, caves & rock pools. Rock pools always remind me of my childhood, not just because I enjoyed playing in them but I'm reminded of a "comic strip" series in the Daily Mirror and the "Eyeballs in the Sky" which was an annual event.
    In case it passed you by and before you think I've lost it, take a look at this link.

    My granddad cut this daily comic strip out and saved them for me, even after I got married, he died many years ago but this has been a happy reminder for me.
    Oh, yes, I saw the lions head too.

    1. I have to admit 'Eyeballs in the Sky' did pass me by. Thanks for the link though. I sort of remember 'The Perishers' but only vaguely. We didn't get the Daily Mirror. My Dad always had the News Chronicle until it was taken over by the Daily Mail. On Sundays it was the 'News of the World' - which I wasn't supposed to look at!

      We have lots of time to think back now. I've stirred a few memories as I have been doing a quiz for my grandchildren and I also told them - by email - about how, when I left school, I became a police cadet. The career didn't work out as my eyesight deteriorated - but it was enjoyable while it lasted. This was in London.

      I'm going to miss walking the the beaches, several here are now closed plus the police have been stopping cars to see if the journeys being made are 'essential'. Walks along the beach aren't considered essential.

      All good wishes.

  2. How extraordinary to see all these places deserted, Mike. You were lucky to be able to take this walk. I hope they don't close the beaches, especially if they are already deserted. Sending all good wishes to you and your family, stay safe. Prue.

  3. Hello Prue, good to hear from you. Some beaches are being closed unfortunately. I see that Boris has said the lockdown could last six months.

    Anyway, all good wishes to you too - and your family.



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