Tuesday 31 March 2020

Beautiful Flowers in Cornwall

A few floral photos today. The first three are flowers my wife received on UK Mother's Day along with a couple of gifts. All were very lovely but, because of self isolating, she really missed having a hug as well because of the dreaded virus.

On an (isolated) walk we saw these yellow gorse behind bars. Some sort of metaphor perhaps.

Ah, yes, below is the view from my front door - with a little bit of camera jiggery-pokery.

I levelled the top of our azalea bush (below) with the trees on the opposite side of the road when taking the photo. The trees are a little threadbare at the moment but will no doubt be full of life soon.

Not too sure what these plants are called - seen when out and about - but they are very pretty in their own way.

Some delicate laurel.

And more laurel, this time hanging over a local river,

Finally a magnolia, perhaps not at its best now but has had a lovely display. Many thanks for visiting my blog.

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  1. Wonderful flower pictures Mike, the colours certainly brighten up what is a stressful time. Love the view from your door too.

  2. Hello David, many thanks. As we live in a valley the trees and bushes opposite us make a pleasant view.
    Hope you are coping okay. Our son is doing our supermarket shopping for us and each morning we have a walk along the valley.

  3. Love all the flowers/colors; for sure hummingbirds will be attracted.

    1. Hello, thank you for leaving a comment. Unfortunately there aren't any hummingbirds where I live. All good wishes.



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