Thursday, 3 September 2020

21 Bird Photos - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The theme is birds today. Above is a pheasant and below ... ah, bless! Such a heart wrenching  bedraggled little fellow. Somehow though he hopped away and was soon out of sight

Another robin, they are one of my favourite birds, so friendly. We often get one or two in our garden and they seem fearless in a friendly way.

Next we have a fine gentleman, with such shiny feathers. He was quite friendly, as he rounded up his hens.

I'm not great at snapping bird photos, this one is a little hazy but I liked his determination to get a peanut. He swung too-and-fro for quite a while before he succeeded.

This photo was taken when the leaves were bare.

A couple of swallows - one swallow doesn't make a summer, as the saying goes.

Living in Cornwall we see lots of gulls. This one was by the bus station in Truro ready to pounce on anyone carrying chips, pasties or whatever. They can be quite scary when they swoop down to steal food.

Okay, it's not a real bird but is situated by the Fowey River, near to where Daphne du Maurier lived. She wrote the book which was turned into a classic Hitchcock film: Birds.

A duck on a rainy day, he seems captivated by his reflection, as if wondering 'who is the fairest of them all'.

Next, the part about birds which isn't so nice. This was what we saw in our garden. Sad to view, but it's the way nature works.

After seeing the previous two photos it's no wonder that some birds, such as this owl, prefer to be well camouflaged 

Another photo of one of my favourites.

I've often see this swan on guard duty by the slip way at Mevagissey harbour.

Next something a little more exotic, roul partridge, seen in the Rain Forest biome at Cornwall's Eden Project.

Another photo taken at the Eden Project, this time in the Mediterranean biome.

The next three photos were taken in the Canary Islands last year. The first two fascinate me. They are often called Upside Down birds. If you look at the second photo he does look like he's upside down. The real name is the Hoopoe bird.

Oh, and this was also snapped in the Canary Islands, taken from the balcony of the Hotel where we were staying.

And swiftly back to Cornwall. This beauty can be seen in a backstreet behind Fore Street in St. Austell. 

That's all for today, thanks for the visit. All good wishes.

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  1. A colourful and eclectic selection, Mike! But, oh, that poor bedraggled Robin. I would so love to see a Hoopoe.

    1. Thank you Caroline, the poor robin was in a sorry state but managed to move on somehow. I hope he had a full life.

  2. Wonderful collection! I enjoy watching the birds wherever I am and we keep busy feeding them at home. I’ve never heard of the upside down bird but it’s delightful! Well done, Mike!

    1. Hello, Ann, thank you. I don't take many photos of birds but I managed to cobble this post together as I hadn't been anywhere over the last few days. Lots of people about but, hopefully, this will become less and less now.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your birds Mike, birds have kept me amused during this strange summer. We've had more Blackbirds and Dunnocks nesting in our garden than previous years.
    Your poor little Robin looked exhausted and the Hoopoe bird really does live up to its nickname, in the second pic it looks as though it has collapsed flat on it's back!

  4. Thank you David. I watched the Hoopoes for ages. I guess the 'design' is to protect them from danger when feeding. Haven't been far over the last 10 days, everywhere has been so busy.

  5. Lovely photos, do we ever get Hoopoes in Cornwall? Would love to see one :-)

  6. Unfortunately have never seen a Hoopoe in Cornwall. Thank you for your comment, all good wishes.



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