Saturday 12 September 2020

Visiting Cornwall's Eden Project During Covid-19

We went to Cornwall's Eden Project with our son and family. The first time I've been since the coronavirus. It was all very organised - probably a bit too organised for my taste but I guess this is what we have to expect nowadays.

Eve appeared to be quite relaxed about everything.

I only snapped a few quick photos as it was a family outing.

On the way to the biomes we saw Turvey the Turtle who eats plastic bottle.  

Nearly forgot, Adam was at work. Obviously there has to be an Adam where there is an Eve.

We wandered though the Rain Forest Biome.

A few flowers about ...

... and saw the waterfall.

We also went into the Mediterranean biome but I only snapped the one photo.

The biomes from the outside.

We moved on to the Core building and the enormous ceramic sculpture which ejects vapour rings. Children (and some adults!) like to see if they can catch the vapour rings before they disappear.

The sculpture pays homage to one of the world's smallest, but most important organisms: cyanobacteria. They represent the earliest form of life on Earth.

The next two photos are from a film about the exhibit. I think the second photo looks like a rabbit - the great rabbit of the sky

We then meandered back to our cars. All in all the Covid-19 adjustments are well done but, somehow, Eden didn't feel quite the same - but, I guess neither does life in general nowadays.

Kindly note: All visitors to the Eden Project must now pre-book a time slot in advance of each visit. This includes Members, Passholders, and those who can visit for free. And don't forget your masks.

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  1. I always enjoy your visits to the Eden Project and that sidewalk appears to be made of small stones which is delightful. It is great that you could have family time once again and having a child around is usually a very happy thing! Enjoy your new week and stay safe wherever you may go!

    1. Hello Ann, it was good to go out as a family and we felt quite safe while at Eden. The number of visitors is limited so no problem with social distancing.
      The grandchildren are back at school, which they are glad about.

      All good wishes.



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