Monday 16 November 2020

Making the Most of the Coronavirus Lockdown: Carlyon Bay, St.Austell, Gover Valley, Charlestown and Bubbles.

With our wings clipped by the coronavirus lockdown it's difficult to know where to get some fresh air without falling foul of the regulations.

When in doubt it's usually the beach for our allowed exercise. There's plenty of elbow room, for example, at Carlyon Bay

It was a somewhat strange day as one moment it was blue sky but dark clouds soon took control.

The clouds became rain - heavy rain. We made a dash to our car and watched the rain trickling down the windows.

Onward to St. Austell town. Seemingly we needed some veg from the greengrocer next to the butchers shop. Have to try and support the smaller shops during lockdown.
The Christmas lights are ready now in the town. You can just see them in the distance in the photo below.
There was a dullness as we walked for a while along the Gover Valley
Lots of leaves on the path as it runs by the Gover Stream.
All very attractive at this time of the year - and also in the Spring.
The Pier House next (restaurant and pub) just because I like Charlestown. 

And some bubbles ... we have to try and make the best of lockdown somehow. Keep smiling.


  1. Such beautiful sea views, Mike and all the other photos including the bubbles have brightened my day quite considerably.
    Sending my best to you and yours, hope you are keeping well. Prue

    1. Hello Prue, so good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words.
      All good wishes to you and yours in these difficult times. Stay well.

  2. Good to see your lovely photo's from Cornwall Mike. We're not going out, too busy in town, people not wearing masks. I liked your bubbles.

  3. Thanks David. We unfortunately had to go into our small town this morning. There were only a few people about so we felt quite safe while wearing our masks. We wouldn't have gone out of choice though.
    Good wishes.

  4. Good views of a changeable day Mike, particularly the seascapes.....Derek

    1. Thanks Derek. We intended just a walk along the beach but the weather altered everything. Got to keep walking!
      Best wishes.



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