Friday 20 November 2020

Autumn Shades and Fungi in Cornwall

A few Autumn photos, the vine growing on this cottage at Charlestown caught my eye.

The Gover Valley, where I often walk, is very damp following lots of rain. The fallen leaves, which cover the ground, are sludgy and slippery.

The dampness seems to agree with various fungi.

The small, delicate fungi below gave the impression of somewhere the little people may hide away as us humans pass by.

Now these are much bigger. I should really know the names of the various fungi but I have failed miserably.

Now I do know the name of these leaves turning to a pleasant yellow shade. They belong to the dreaded Japanese Knotweed.

Next, a bit brighter, some fine red berries for the birds to munch.

Meanwhile on the coastal path the ferns have turned brown and the trees have lost their leaves.

To finish with today, the White River.

P.S. Thought I'd also include the trees on the opposite side of the road to where I live. I find this stretch of trees interesting to observe as the seasons change.

Think that's definitely all for today. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Well Mike, we're in the fungi season right now and you found some fine examples. I don't know any of their names either, other than the bright red one which is Fly Agaric.
    I noticed a lot of algae on the trees which means a clean pollution free atmosphere.
    Lovely photo's as usual and an interesting mix.

  2. Interesting what you write, David, about the algae on the trees. The walk is one we often do from home, so it's good to think of it as being pollution free. There are lots of trees near where we live, even on the opposite side of the road and a small stream too.
    Thank you.

  3. Such a beautiful area! Stay safe and well!

    1. Hello Trish, thanks. Limited at the moment as to where we can travel, due to England's coronavirus lockdown.
      All good wishes.



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