Wednesday 10 February 2021

Out and About: Piskies, Flowers, Art Work and a Rainbow.

As we walked along the damp Cornish lane we wondered if a piskie would try to send us the wrong way or play some other trick with us - as is their custom. They are always full of fun and even have their own nursery rhyme.

"See-saw, Margery Daw,
Sold her bed and lay upon straw,
Sold her bed and lay upon hay, 
Piskie came and took her away."

Somehow a pansy had flowered, it's roots squashed between a crack in the surface of the lane.

A tree had recently been cut and was now laying comfortably on a bed of moss.

There is always something to see on a walk but often we don't seem to have time to stop and stare.

The sky turned a dark blue. The old pillar of a viaduct, which once carried trains to Cornwall from London stood, proudly next to the updated viaduct. It was originally built in 1859.

Suddenly the world looked brighter, there are always a few flowers to see even in winter.

The Camellia below is from our garden, where my favourite border collie dog is buried. He was so wonderful and will never be forgotten.

We wandered into St.Austell town centre. All was quiet because of the Coronavirus lockdown.  

Some artwork caught my eye.

I have walked through St. Austell many a time but have never noticed the art work high above the Fore Street.

On our way home a rainbow, but we didn't see any bluebirds flying high.

Finally, for today, a few bursts of winter colour.

Thanks for visiting my blog - all good wishes.


  1. Them Cornish piskies ;) I think that seagull is walking around wondering where all the pasties and icecreams have gone. Lovely rainbow across the field and nicely spotted street art too Mike. Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu, there is usually something to see in Cornwall. Have just realised though that we haven't had many seagulls in our garden recently. Enjoy your day.

  2. Some bright colours on the flowers and a rainbow too. We're not going out at all since the 2nd lockdown started and we have snow now. Haven't posted anything on my blog since 1st January, I've stopped looking for old archive pics. Hopefully, now the vaccinations have begun, things might ease. We've both had our first jab.

    1. Hello David. There is some colour about though looking out of my window now it is very dark and not inviting at all. Let's hope all of the vaccinations help us on the way back to some sort of normality.
      Stay safe.

  3. Very glad to see the color! It’s only 3 degrees here, snow and ice everywhere that won’t go away! It doesn’t really matter since we can’t go out until our vaccines, and that may be awhile. So thanks for the sunshine and flowers, Mike!

    1. Thanks Ann. It's very cold here as well, but no snow in Cornwall fortunately. We are still under lockdown but can go out for exercise, as long as it is somewhere local. We have both had our first vaccination but don't feel any safer.
      All good wishes, stay safe.



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