Thursday 18 March 2021

Walking From Tresillian Alongside the River to St. Clement, Cornwall

A meander along the Tresillian River, near Truro, to the small village of St. Clement. The tide was out so there was a great deal of mud to contemplate. But not to worry though, as there is a path alongside the river for walkers.

A rivulet did its best to try and fill the river but it was a lost cause.

We passed an attractive lake on the opposite side of the path. All was quiet and a dog walker told us she had just seen a kingfisher.

Looking back there was definitely more mud than water. But the sun was shining, the sky was blue, so pretty good for late February or early March.

A flow of water from the hills was making it's way towards the river, but wasn't making much of an impact.

The path ahead, however, looked green and pleasant.

Finally we reached St. Clement where a few cottages overlook the river.

Around the corner from the cottages is  the Old Vicarage, now an upmarket Bed & Breakfast establishment. Something about its appearance, though, jars with me a little. It's very smart and only a few yards from the river but to me it looks out of place. Mind you the property is valued at over £1.3 million.

The church is at the heart of the village with traditional cottages.

Below is the aptly named Church Cottage.

More cottages:

A Public Footpath sign points the way to Malpas see: Walking to Malpas, Cornwall Alongside the River.

A few cottages over looking the river ...

... and a small boat at the frontage. 

As we made our way homeward bound we followed a horse on exercise - though not too closely!

St. Clement is such a peaceful village, idyllic on a sunny day. We also visited the church, but will write about that on another day.

Another view, on our return walk, overlooking the reeds and a blue sky.

Where we parked the car:
We parked at the end of Tresillian village (3 miles east of Truro). On the left (travelling from the St. Austell area) there is a big car dealership. After this is a pull-in off the main A390. There is room for about five cars -  providing drivers park neatly. 


  1. What a wonderful walk ... and wonderful weather, too, Mike. I love St Clement, and look forward to your post on the church.

    1. Thanks Caroline, a pleasant walk and I always like to see churches. All good wishes ~ Mike.

  2. What a lovely looking village and walk Mike! I've been to Malpas, but not St Clement or Tresillian (thanks for the parking tip). I love the salty muddy smell that comes from those tidal flats. Take care, Lulu x

  3. It's not a long walk but it's nice to be by the river - especially if the sun shines. Thanks Lulu, have a happy weekend ~ Mike.




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