Friday 24 December 2021

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Christmas display of flowers.

Christmas for me is a season of differing emotions. There's the smiling, expectant, happy grandchildren, but there are also memories of Christmases past and thinking of my wonderful mother and father. There would be a stocking full of gifts, when I woke up, with a larger present under the tree from Father Christmas. I remember such love, joy and excitement.

An old Christmas Tree.

That's part of my tree in the photo above. Our adult children make fun of it. They ask, "Why don't you get a new one? A real tree perhaps?"

The thing is though,  this has been a family tree since I was a child. I won't say how many years that is, but it's quite a while! So there are happy memories from my childhood Christmases and also those of our own children when they were small and growing up. 

Somehow the tree has survived many moves and ups and downs.

Christmas tree ornaments

My wife is also happy with the tree, as long as we have her German childhood decorations hanging from the branches. That's one of them above.

She remembers her childhood Christmases in Germany and how presents were distributed on Christmas Eve. Sadly her mother and father are now longer with us.

Christmas decorations

Anyway, enough waffling on. I hope you have a magical Christmas - happy and peaceful.

All good wishes ~ Mike


  1. I prefer traditional Christmas decorations so I love your tree. An LED Tree doesn't come close. Happy Christmas Mike.

    1. Many thanks David, hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas too too

  2. This is such a lovely post. Thank you very much Mike, and a merry Christmas to you and your wife, hoping your day has indeed been 'merry and bright' if not white! Love the photos. All the best, Prue

    1. Thank you Prue, lovely to hear from you. Hope your Christmas Day was something special. All good wishes for the future ~ Mike.

  3. Merry Christmas dear Mike. I think your tree looks beautiful. Not many people can say they have the tree and decorations from their childhood, so bravo to you and your wife. The good memories make it all the more special. Hope you and your family have had a lovely time. Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, we had a lovely day, thank you, and for once my wife didn't do the cooking. Hope your day went well. Good wishes to you and yours ~ Mike.



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