Friday 25 March 2022

Perranporth Beach Stretches For Miles and Miles

Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

Spring is here and hopefully summer will follow, all in good time. This is the beach at Perranporth - somewhere holiday makers head for when they want beaches and surf in Cornwall. 

People on Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

Looking at the photo above you might be thinking that there are a lot of people about - and the photo was taken out of the main season! But not to worry as there are three miles of beaches - enough for most people. Even in the main summer season there should be somewhere to plonk your stuff on the sand and enjoy the sea.

RNLI on Perranporth Beach

The beach has RNLI lifeguards on duty - though they only patrol the beach area between their flags. So if you wander too far they might not be able rescue you if you should get into difficulties.  Note the lifeguard cover is normally available from Easter until the end of October.

Surf school at Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

At Perranporth the Atlantic surf is good - lessons are usually available for all ages.

The surf and waves at Perranporth Beach

The beach carries on and on and the people get less and less - but remember, the RNLI lifeguards may not be easily available this far along the beach.

Plenty of space on the Beach at Perranporth, Cornwall

If you wander into the sand dunes there are good views of the beaches.

The dunes at Perranporth, Cornwall

The beaches seem to go on and on ...

Looking at Perranporth beach from the sand dunes

All very perfect on a blue sky day.

Amazing beach at Perranporth, Cornwall

The photos were taken on the same day but I can't guarantee that the weather will always be this good!

Sandy beach at Perranporth, Cornwall

Here's another post I published on Perranporth:


  1. Hi Mike, really enjoyed these pictures. I love blue skies and sunny colours, the sea on pic No. 5 is really frightening but I guess that's what surfers want. I'm enjoying this spell of unseasonal warm weather and hope you are too. 18 degrees today, but I dare say you're getting warmer days down there. Enjoy the weekend. 😃

  2. Thanks David, the weather has been perfect. As I look out of my window the sky is blue and everything looks bright and clear. I did some gardening yesterday and people who walked past all seemed to have a smile on their face. Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. I’d say you had a perfect beach day and your blue skies and water are especially lovely. After a long winter a good walk on the beach would be perfect! I’m sure there are plenty of people anxious for a day of surfing. I’ll just watch thank you! I especially like the final shot of the textured water, the various shades of blue, sea grass and sand. Enjoy Spring!

  4. Hello Ann. We have had a spell of lovely weather, though it may change next week according to the forecasters. Surfing is popular in Cornwall especially on the the north Atlantic coast. Hope that all is well, good wishes.

  5. Hello Mike, looks like you've been making the most of this glorious weather we've been having all week! The sea looks very inviting, but you are right to point out the lifeguard season and flags. Perranporth is known to have some nasty rip tides. Lovely sunny photos. Lulu :) x

    1. Thanks a lot Lulu, yes - we've had some lovely days, though a little dull today. All good wishes.



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