Friday 22 April 2022

Going Quackers at Cornwall's Duck Ponds

We were passing through St. Blazey when my wife suggested we should have a wander around the local Duck Pond. So we did.

St. Blazey is named after St. Blaise a Bishop who was martyred in Armenia in the fourth century. He supposedly landed at nearby Par in the third century. Oh yes, and it is said that his name is invoked by those who suffer from throat problems. Anyway, back to the pond!

In the good old days, okay just a short while back, I'd take my grandchildren to the pond armed with duck food. That was always fun.

The pond is all very pleasant, though there didn't seem to be as many ducks, and the like, as I remembered.

Three photos from back then.

Moving on to the pond at Par, near Par Beach

A duck admiring his reflection in the pudle.

The seagulls seem to think they are in charge of Par Pond ...

... but the Canadian Geese would perhaps disagree.

Anyway, to finish today's post four photos snapped in our garden

Wishing you a happy week ahead and thanks for visiting my blog. All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. There something very relaxing about watching ducks on a pond, I haven't been fishing since the pandemic started but these pictures are a reminder. Lovely flower lics, especially the Bluebells. 😊

  2. Hello David, yes definitely relaxing to see the ducks. I'm not a fisherman myself but can see the attraction of sitting by a lake or riverside when all is quiet and peaceful. Have a good week.

  3. Hello Mike, duck ponds are always tremendous fun, especially at this time of year. I know my folks greatly enjoy taking the grandkids for walks around them. My mother once tried to dump off some of her very dense bread and butter pudding to the ducks, but they wisely wouldn't touch it and it heavily sank to the bottom. These days she knows better and takes frozen peas instead! We have been enjoying seeing the swans sitting on their nest at Helston boating lake. The seagulls think they're in charge there too!

    That's a very lovely Phontinia bush in your garden and beautiful bluebells. I hope that you are having a super week :) x

    1. Many thanks Lulu, but what a waste of a bread and butter pudding, one of my favourites right from being a kid.

      The Phontinia bush has been lovely this year. I like to see the early flowers and colours. Hope you have a super week too.



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