Friday 15 April 2022

Looking at Mevagissey, St Mewan and Gover Valley

changeable morning weatherwise as we popped into Mevagissey. It looked pretty much as usual.

The harbour was colourful in the chilly sunshine but ...

... there's often something quirky hidden away. Not sure who this fellow is, but he looks a little unsettling.

The mural is from a previous poppy day.

A few of the boats in the harbour.

A bit of blue sky and cliffs to the east of the harbour.

Moving inland from Mevagissey some blossom ...

... and blooms.

We passed by the church at St. Mewan,  which dates back to Norman times. The bell tower foundations and the base of the font were built way back in 1100.

There is a local legend that the church builders were prevented from building the tower any higher by the Devil himself. He would throw down stones each night when he considered the correct height had been reached, to his satisfaction. Mind you, I have heard similar tales where this has happened to other churches.

Just around the corner from St. Mewan church the long straight road has views across the green countryside. 

Sadly developers have started to build houses alongside the road. But, in saying that, affordable houses are needed in Cornwall.

Moving on we made our way down the narrow  road which leads to Gover Valley ...

... stopping at a view point.

Finally we were in the valley and all was well with the world.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.

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  1. Hi Mike and Happy Easter 😊. Lovely pictures from the harbours and good to see the colours around in the countryside.
    Interesting tale about why the church has it's low tower. Some churches have low towers in exposed windswept locations, such as St. Mary's on the clifftop at Whitby.

    1. Hello David, Happy Easter to you too - try not to eat too many chocolate eggs! A bit dull here today but it hasn't been a bad week weatherwise.
      The tallest church tower in Cornwall is 126 feet at Probus Parish Church.
      Good wishes.

  2. Another beautiful day in Cornwall! I could meander for a very long time around a harbor village and enjoy the boats, particularly seeing what looks to be a wooden one is lovely. What a great photo! I think that little guy is pondering the day’s mischief-making so be careful! Enjoy your Spring and best wishes as always.

    1. Thank you Ann, Mevagissey is somewhere we always like to walk - though perhaps not this Easter weekend. There seems to be a lot of people visiting Cornwall at the moment, so the roads are quite busy. I think it will be a busy summer now that the Covid rules have disappeared. Alwaya good to hear from you, all good wishes.

  3. Hello Mike, lovely fresh salty pictures of Mevagissey. Isn't St Mewan church a handsome one! What a funny story about the devil disrupting its building. Maybe that naughty step gargoyle had something to do with it too. My dad tells me that all the church towers are within sight of at least another one, so signals could be sent. So, if t'internet goes down, we have a backup eh! Have a great week :)

  4. Hello Lulu. Interesting what your dad told you, I hadn't heard this before. I shall have to go looking for churches and their neighbours.
    Looks like we are having a decent week weatherwise, have a happy week.



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