Friday 10 June 2022

On Tour: Visiting Devon Walks and Teignmouth

Following on from my previous post we were in Maidencombe, Devon for a break. 

We did a lot of walking, probably too much. The photo above was the starting point of a walk towards Teignmouth.

Below the path opened up to some lovely sea views, even if it did look like rain.

The path was very up and down as can be seen below. 

A couple of ships off shore, but a little too hazy to make them out properly.

Suddenly there was a touch of magic and the sky turned a deep blue with white clouds along the eyeline.

The bright blue sky soon disappeared but there was a lovely view to compensate.

A little further and Teignmouth was in view with its red coloured cliffs. You can just make out the town's pier.

Lovely open spaces and views. We actually lost track of the path we were meant to follow...

... but continued walking downhill.

Finally we reached Teignmouth and the pier.

Lots of sea!

The beaches were empty, a bit too chilly to sit or paddle.

We made our way into town for a meal - and a rest.

We eventually got a bus back to Maidencombe, where we were staying. The thatched pub was a tempting sight.

Once back at our apartment I noticed the sky had a pinkish tint as I looked out of the window.

All in all a lovely, but tiring, day out.

Moving on:
A few Torquay, Devon photos. We intended to have a day in Torquay but it rained! We still went as I wanted to see the Marina - boats galore. Here are four photos. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.
All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. What a grand walk Mike with some great views over the sea and beaches. I especially like the sky on pic 4 and also pic 5. The thatched pub was quite appealing, I would imagine you were ready for a sit down by the time you reached it. I enjoyed the marina pics at Torquay, fibreglass boats are not my favourites but "boats & water" is always a good combination to photograph.
    Enjoy the weekend, sunny + windy here today.

    1. Hello David, Devon is a lovely county. As for the walk it was a little too much for us, luckily there was a local bus for the return journey. We hadn't been to Torquay for many years. The Marina has been updated now and there are so many boats on view - some quite expensive. A few days after we visited a six million boat was destroyed by fire on the harbourside.
      Good wishes.

    2. I hope the boat was insured!

    3. I guess it would be, the scenes of the boat on fire were on our local TV news

  2. I've always heard that Devon is a lovely part of the country, and now I know that it is true. You were lucky to have that bright blue sky at last. The coastal paths seem to always provide an excellent and interesting view. I had to look up the pronunciation of Teignmouth and in doing so I read that the area makes an excellent location for a family vacation because there is much to do and see. You obviously made a good choice for a getaway and got plenty of exercise as well!

    1. Hello Ann. A lot of the visitors in Teignmouth do seem to be older / retired people. There is a long flat promenade, to walk, despite the high cliffs. Lots of hotels and Bed & Breakfast places to stay. All good wishes.

  3. Hello Mike, beautiful photos of south Devon. I am more familiar with North Devon, so it is different to see red cliffs and a pier! The colour of the fields with the blue skies and sea are mesmerizing! I hope you treated yourselves to a nice refreshing drink in that thatched pub after all that walking. Lulu :) x

    1. Oh yes we had a drink or two! North and South Devon do seem to have their differences. Thanks Lulu.



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