Friday 14 April 2023

A Walk Around Charlestown Harbour - 18 Photos

It seemed an age since I had visited Charlestown, but I managed to make a visit over the Easter weekend. It always seems a special place to me.

I snapped a few quick photos as I walked. The first was of the cottage above and the next a couple of anchors.

I then had a look at the ships / boats in dock.

I looked down on this ship from on high.

Now looking across to the opposite side.

The sea is now in view.

The Pier House is a hotel, pub and restaurant. There are now quite a few other food outlets in Charlestown.

A row of cottages with a red post box.

Cliffs and the stony beach.

A look at some of the boats. I was so lucky with the blue sky.

All sorts of interesting things below.

Now looking at the other side of Charlestown.

A different view of the cliffs and of one of the two beaches. This is the entrance to Charlestown harbour, which fills when the tide is high.

The old cottages once more. There is a similar cottage for sale at £500,000+.

More boats and cottages.

Cornish cream!

Below, just in case it's ever needed!

And that's the end of my walk, perhaps more of a stroll really.

Thanks for visiting my blog - Mike.

For a short history of Charlestown please see my blog: 


  1. Hello Mike, gorgeous pictures of Charlestown. Looks like you picked a lovely day for a stroll. The colours are fab. Oh yes, number 5 cottage with the red postbox will do me nicely thank you ;) I hope you are keeping well :) x

    1. Hello Lulu. Yes it was a lovely, sunshine morning as I wandered the harbour. Hopefully the weather will improve again next week. As for the cottages who would have thought that such properties would now be beyond most people in Cornwall. Take care, good wishes.

  2. Lovely to see blue skies and especially at Charlestown with the sailing ships there. We're getting out a bit in the car but my wife isn't able to do much walking yet. I take our puppy for walks while she sits in the car and I've been able to get a few photo's taken too. Just need time to get hem into one or two blog posts. Take careMike 😊 🐕

  3. Thanks David. I always enjoy a walk at Charlestown, in all weathers. I must admit I miss not having a dog but I don't think we'll have another one now. Your puppy is no doubt full of life. Sorry to hear your wife stays in the car when you have a drive out. My wife has had health problems but is now back to walking, though not as far as previously. Take care, all good wishes.

  4. I see that there is going to be a CENTENARY CELEBRATION OF JUNG SEMINARS IN CORNWALL in June Mike.
    This conference marks the Centenary of Jung’s seminars in Cornwall at Sennen Cove (1920) and Polzeath (1923).
    Looks interesting, pity I'm half a world away and don't own a passport.

  5. Hello Daren, good to hear from you. Yes, not exactly somewhere you could pop into for a visit. Trust all is well otherwise. Good wishes.




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