Sunday 11 June 2023

Lovely Beach and Views at Newquay Cornwall

Towan Beach, Newquay Cornwall

A while back, when I snapped these photos, we were having lunch at the Fort Inn, Newquay. The  photo above was taken from the Inn where there are stunning views.

The photo above is looking along the popular Towan Beach. Not too many people about but will be heaving with people in the main summer season. The next photo is the Fort Inn's terrace.

Sea View from Fort Inn, Newquay, Cornwall

After lunch we we had a short walk. 

Towan Island (below) always fascinates me. The only access to the house is over the slender bridge. The island is surrounded by water  at high tide. 

Towan Island, Newquay, Cornwall

 moving on to Newquay's Harbour.

Newquay Harbour, Cornwall

 More photos of the harbour on my blog post: Newquay Harbour and Towan Island.

The next photo is looking from the beach, back towards the Fort Inn.

Sorry it is only a short post today but life has been a bit busy.
All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Lovely to see the blue skies and broad expanse of the beach out of season, probably busier now! I'm sure the bridge to the island is very sturdy but I wonder how getting heavy, bulky items might be.
    I hope things get less hectic for you and that you & your wife are ok Mike. 😊

  2. Many thanks David. Unfortunately my wife has had had several appointments etc. Regarding big items to the island I think a helicopter would be needed! There are photos of the house itself here:

    1. Sorry to hear your wife is still unwell, we are going through a similar situation with my wife's health problems.
      The island accommodation is wonderful, I followed your link to it. Take care, David

    2. Many thanks David. - tale care too.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of one of my favourite places Mike. I really enjoyed this post. I hope that you and your wife are keeping well and taking care in between appointments x

    1. What a difference a blue sky makes! I'm not too keen on visiting Newquay in the main holiday season as it gets so busy. I like the various beaches though, as they have their own characteristics. How wonderful the weather has been recently. Take care.



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