Friday 16 June 2023

Sand and Barrel Jellyfish at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall.


Carlyon Bay beach, Cornwall

There is a long beach at Carlyon Bay, St.Austell, Cornwall. 

The photo above was snapped after I had walked to the far end of the sand, so not many people about! Well, none actually! It gets much busier though at the height of the summer season. 

This far end of the beach was once a designated for naturists. I'm not sure if this still applies as the beach has confusing plans for redevelopment - mind you this has been promised / threatened for many years, but actual building work has never commenced.

The other end of the beach (photo below), nearest the car park, is quite popular. There are rocks to explore and so on. Some people are even brave enough to plunge into the water.

The rocks and beach with holiday makers at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

You have to be a little aware, if close to the cliffs, as there are rock falls occasionally.

Rockfalls at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

When I walked to the far end of the beach all seemed peaceful, other than a young seagull blowing in the wind.

A young seagull on the beach at Carlyon Bay

But then I spotted something in the sea - jellyfish - big ones!

Barrel Jellyfish seen at Carlyon Beach

They are Barrel jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) and are said to be the largest in UK waters. I have read that they can grow as large as a dustbin lid - and are sometimes, therefore, known as dustbin-lid jellyfish. 

Barrel jellyfish in the water at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

The jellyfish can sting but this is not normally harmful to us humans.

Barrel Jellyfish at Cornwall Bay, St.Austell

The jellyfish aren't at Carlyon Bay all of the time! They are most likely to be seen in May or June when the waters start to warm. They can get washed ashore if they swim too near the beach.

Jellyfish in the sea at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

There always seems to be something interesting on a long beach. I have seen a very large fin whale washed ashore at Carlyon Bay, which was quite upsetting. 

After walking the length of the beach I retraced my footsteps to the most popular section - and the flags were flying!

Carlyon Bay welcome on the beach.

As I walked back to the car - up a hill unfortunately - I snapped a final photo looking out to sea.

Looking out to sea and coastline from Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Kindly note this post was also published a while back. I am not available at the moment.

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Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Interesting to see what washes up on a beach, lovely photo's too. Hope things settle down soon for you. 😊

    1. Thanks David. We have managed a short break in North Cornwall.

  2. Lovely photos, as always, Mike. I hope all is well in your world. Thank you for showing us your beautiful coast and those amazing jellyfish.




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