Thursday 28 February 2019

Postcard and Photos of Tregony, Cornwall

Postcard of Tregony, Cornwall from a painting

The picture is of a postcard from my collection. It is taken from an original water colour by Peter Skipp. The reverse of the card reads:

"Tregony was once a busy port, with the right to send two Members of Parliament to Westminster. The tin mines and china clay pits, however, were the cause of their own destruction as silt clogged the River Fal. 

Despite Acts of Parliament aimed at stopping mining, the waters receded leaving the highest navigable point over four miles away."

To see Tregony today it is hard to believe it was once a busy port - but time moves on. 

I have a few photos of the village. There are some interesting buildings. The clock tower, for example, is from the 1833. There is a strange story that it was sold to an Australian gentleman in 1851. However, the Mayor at the time stepped in to prevent the sale by buying the clock himself - and eventually he sold it back to the people of the village.

Then there are the houses - below - built in 1696 ...

17th century houses in Tregony, Cornwall

... and a row of Poor Houses from the 19th century.

Poor Houses, Tregony, Cornwall

Oh, and a church, of course! St. Cuby's.

St.Cuby's Church, Tregony, Cornwall

The church is a mixture of 12th, 14th and 15th century architecture but was partly rebuilt and lengthened in 1828.


  1. Interesting to see the photo of the tower & the postcard.

    1. Thanks David, the village is often called the Gateway to the Roseland Peninsular.



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