Thursday 21 March 2019

Trelissick House and Gardens With Stunning Maritime Views

Trelissick House and estate, Cornwall

Today we are at the Trelissick House and Estate. The photo above - showing the house - was snapped while on a boat travelling along the River Fal to Falmouth in the summer. 

All of the other photos were taken together in the month of March.

Trelissick House, Cornwall

The house itself is quite strange - at least I think so. It was built initially in 1755 but each generation seems to have altered it's appearance. The neoclassical columns, for example, were erected by Thomas Daniell in 1824 on the assumption that this would signify his wealth and status. To me they don't seem to go with the rest of the building.

Gardens at Trelissick House, Cornwall

The gardens and grounds are quite extensive so plenty of room for visitors. While we were there the magnolias were in bloom and were a lovely sight.

Magnolia flowers at Trelissick House, Cornwall

The estate looks over the River Fal and it's possible to cross the river by a ferry, though there may be restrictions in the winter months.

Rover Fal looking from Trelissick House, Cornwall

A couple of photos follow of the gardens and estate.

Garden steps at Trelissick House, Cornwall

House hidden in the trees at Trelissick, Cornwall

We now move onto the water tower, photo below. This was built in 1865, and was erected as a reservoir for Trelissick House. The height of the tower ensured a good head of water for fighting fires. Today it has been converted to a holiday let - there is just one room on each of the four stories.

Gardens at Trelissick House, Cornwall

The gardens once more ...

... and finally a look across the fields. All very pleasant.

Looking across the green fields from Trelissick, Cornwall

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  2. This looks like a very attractive place to visit, your photo's sell it well. I agree about those columns, they look as though they could have been put together off site & then brought in to be propped against the front facade.

    1. Thanks David, it's all very pleasant - must have been a wonderful family home in it's day with views across the river. Would have taken a lot of staff to look after the gardens and grounds.

  3. As always, a lovely tour of a beautiful place. Thanks, Mike.

    1. Hello Ann, many thanks. Spring is with us, though the rain clouds don't seem to realise this fact! Best wishes.



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