Wednesday 4 September 2019

Cornwall's Coastal Path With Wonderful Year Round Sea Views

Walking from Trenarren along the cliff path, Cornwall

"Okay," said this chap I met on a walk, "but Cornwall must be a cold, drab place once the summer sun has gone."

Well no! I'll answer the assumption with today's photos taken on a cold day, out of the holiday season - look at the views! The trees and scrub may be brown but the grass and sea are alive with colour. The light can be so good in Cornwall, it's why artists head this way.

The coastal path, Cornwall

The photos are from a walk starting at the small hamlet of Trenarren on Cornwall's south coast and simply walking along the coastal path, passing Black Head and looking out to sea.

Cliffs near Trenarren, Cornwall

One of the great things about Cornwall is this coastal path stretching around all of the county and beyond. There are no restrictions (unless it is dangerous) it's all a public right of way.

The coastal path, Cornwall

Sure, some of the path can be rough and uneven but at other times there may be wonky steps to make climbing the cliffs easier. 

The coastal path on Cornwall's south coast

There are ups and downs, of course - such is life - but that makes it all the more interesting.

Green fields by the sea in Cornwall

Looking inland on this particular stretch of path there are farmer's fields, mostly fenced off but at times there are public rights of way across these fields.

coastal path in Cornwall

Even the cattle appreciate how lucky we are living in Cornwall.

Cows with a view

On a cold, clear day what can be better than walking along the coast and breathing in all of that fresh air. Perfect! 

P.S. To quote the Geography of Climate:

"Cornwall has a temperate Oceanic climate, with mild winters and cool summers. Cornwall has the mildest and sunniest climate in the United Kingdom, as a result of its oceanic setting and the influence of the Gulf Stream. Winters are amongst the warmest in the country, due to the moderating effects of the warm ocean currents, and frost and snow are very rare at the coast and are also rare in the central upland areas. Cornwall is one of the sunniest areas in the UK, with over 1541 hours of sunshine per year, with the highest average of 7.6 hours of sunshine per day in July."

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  1. The Cornwall Coastal Path has some wonderful views, as seen in your splendid photo's. I enjoy the out of season atmosphere of our small seaside resort, so can appreciate how pleasant it must be to stroll along parts of this footpath and in quieter times.

  2. Thanks David. It's strange but the coastal path never seems that busy, there are a few popular places but we often walk and not see anyone. I like Cornwall out of season.

  3. Lovely photos, always enjoy seeing your photos on Twitter too :-)

    1. Hello and thanks for leaving a comment - all best wishes.



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