Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Walking Along the Cliffs and Golf Course From Carlyon Bay

The weather was in a quandary. Should it rain, dabble in sunshine, or be dark and threatening? 

Whatever the weather we decided to go for a walk and headed for Carlyon Bay golf course. Not to play though, as I agree with Mark Twain who said 'Golf is a good walk spoiled' - apologies to golfers! 

Alongside the golf course, overlooking the sea, there is a public footpath with some lovely views. You have to be aware of any stray golf balls, of course.

With the golf course stretched out before us it turned quite dark with a few drops of rain.

Clouds formed as we walked.

We decided to visit Spit Beach - from the footpath - and the sun did its best to shine.

For a brief moment the beach looked great with blue-green sea lapping the shore.

As we retraced our steps, alongside the golf course, dark clouds, again ...

... some appeared to be hovering above the horizon.

With Carlyon Bay beach in view we are nearly back to where we started. 

To walkalong side the golf course park in Carlyon Bay beach car park. It's a bit bumpy but is free out of the tourist season. Walk down the hill, a short way, and on the left is a Public Footpath sign, follow this. Note the path can get a bit muddy following heavy rain.

It's possible to carry on walking past Spit Beach and onto Par Beach.


  1. A lovely post and beautiful photos, very cheering, Mike. Happy New Year and stay safe and well.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, hope all is well - or at least as well as it can be with the virus lingering on.

      Happy New Year to you, take care.

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  3. Thank you Mr.Edward for your interesting comment but walking is my way of life as opposed to golf. Each to their own, of course.
    Enjoy your golf!

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