Saturday, 6 March 2021

Out and About Near St. Austell, Cornwall

Peekaboo! Approaching St. Austell I noticed this lucky cat on the welcome sign.

And below another welcome to the town - not that there is anything going on of course.

In town, however, I did see a tiger ...

... and the very large humming bird.

On the outskirts of the town are sheep ...

... and this little fellow was wearing his best coat.

A pig was rooting about, churning up the grass. What a busy life.

Darkness filled the sky for a while but a rainbow brightened the view. To the right of the rainbow you can just see St. Austell's White Pyramid. 

Moving on to the coast. Below is Porthpean Beach, about 2.5 miles from St. Austell town. Often described as the beach where the locals go, but no one about today.

Inland again and a sheep with an itch!

Then it's along to the lake at Par Beach where there are usually ducks geese and the like - though the seagulls often like to boss the surroundings. 

And finally a flower, just because it's nice and colourful.

All in all a mixed set of photos for this post, but such is Covid-19 life at the moment.

Take care.


  1. Hello Mike, thank you for the jolly pictures, they brought a smile to my chops. I especially love the snuffling pig. I shall get my kids to look out for the black cat next time we drive out St Austell way! Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu. Hopefully normality will be with us again, children back to school will be a start. My grandchildren can't wait to go back and see their friends. All good wishes.

  2. We had hoped to visit Cornwall last year but the virus put paid to that. With a bit of luck we might get there this year. It always looks so exotic.

    1. I hope you make it to Cornwall, the villages and towns seem quite empty at the moment, as do the beaches. Take care.

  3. Very enjoyable pictures Mike, I'm always on the lookout for odd. Quirky things and you found some corkers here. I love the pig having a scratch.

  4. Thanks a lot David, we do manage to get about a little for 'exercise'. We feel safe on the beaches, lots of fresh air and not too many people about. Hopefully Boris's road map will lead us back to normality. Good wishes.

  5. Pigs are my favourite and what a great shot.

    1. Hello, many thanks. Pigs are interesting animals - but I like most animals - and that's one of the reasons why I'm vegetarian.
      All good wishes.



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