Friday 11 June 2021

A Short Walk in Cornwall - the Cure When Feeling 'Under the Weather'

I was feeling a little 'under the weather' as I looked out of our upstairs bedroom window - photo below. I decided the answer was fresh air and a walk. Oh, and yes, there are lots of trees on the opposite side of the road.

I have since discovered that feeling 'under the weather' is a nautical saying from the early sailing ships.

It appears that a sailor feeling sickly or unwell would be sent below deck to protect him from the weather. Being below deck he would literally be 'under the weather'.

Anyway, off I went on a short walk from home. The flowers above and below are from our front garden. Needless to say I had my small camera with me as I walked.

I met up with the local stream, the vegetation nearly covering the water. Always uplifting to hear the sounds of a river or stream.

The stream gurgled through a small tunnel.

The grass and small wild flowers seemed to be dancing with delight. Everything felt so fresh and green - quite uplifting.

I wonder how the 'red hot pokers' ended up running wild on the bank?

Further along my walk the gunnera were starting to spread their leaves.

An old cottage, built in 1834, was almost hidden away

Leaves seemed to have been freshly polished and ...

... the hydrangea were preparing to flower.

Green shoots on the willow tree.

I always find that fresh air, nature and a walk are the remedy for feeling 'under the weather'.

Of course a walk along a Cornish beach is also good medicine ...

... especially if you have the beach to yourself. It's all about timing!

That's all for today, thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I hope your walk helped you to feel a lot better, our walks in the Lincolnshire lanes always help us. The countryside is abundant and overflowing with growth just now, it's uplifting to be amongst it all. Lovely pictures again on your post, your "small camera" does a good job. ☺

  2. Thanks David, always uplifting to walk amongst nature, along a beach or riverside. We try to walk most days even if only locally to where we live.
    Good wishes.

  3. Lovely photos Mike. How interesting about the phrase 'under the weather'. Looks like the walk did the trick. When I get a pressure headache, usually a pint (of water) and a sea walk sorts me out. I too wonder how some plants appear in hedgerows. We have a phantom purple gladioli patch in a nearby country lane. It's almost like someone's just chucked bulbs from the car window. Hope it is not too busy over St Austell way, what with Queenie's visit yesterday. Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, I'm a great believer in nature being a good healer. Not too busy here though it was when the Queen's train pulled into the station. I didn't even realise she was arriving there, I don't suppose she missed me though!



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