Friday 18 June 2021

The Cornish Wedding of King Arthur to Guenever

Restormel Castle, Cornwall

As I was unable to get out and about this week todays post is the the story of King Arthur's marriage to Guenever (sometimes written as Guenevere).

This is a very old version from the early 1800s and is in a poetry format. I have been fascinated by King Arthur since childhood - anyway, here we go ...

King Arthur Marries Guenever

"When Restormel Castle he alights
With worship hood in hand the knights,
Arthur, conduct to castle bower.
On verdant deis sat Guenever:
Like tendrils of vine, her hair
In golden ringlets falls:
The diamond-comb her hand dismissed,
When she sees  mail and nodding crest
Approach the massive walls;
And rose respectful -: coats of dust,
The armour of the chiefs encrust;
The steeds wet, foaming, pranced;
As o'er her cheek, fresh beauties dawn;
Her King to meet, across the lawn;
She in form divine,  advanced.
Great was the contrast :- beat with rains;
And scorched with suns, on bloody plains,
The warrior King, her lily hands,
Pressed his lips - her countenance bland,
Where opening roses, modest, blushed,
With spotless innocence was flushed.
A Christian Priest with beard of snow, 
The first whom Cornwall's converts know,
Whose words still, Druid forms repeal
With purer faith and holier zeal,
unites their hands - admist the nite,
He prays heaven's grace on them alight.
King Arthur and Queen Guenever
To famed Tintagel now repair.
The skies are clothed in livelier blue,
As onward they their course pursue;
More glorious beams the golden day
On Cornwall's royal-ranged array."

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Thanks for visiting my blog. I realise this post isn't everyone's cup of tea!


  1. Hello Mike, call that a wedding eh? Where's the drunken uncle picking a fight?!? I greatly enjoyed that and will now rise from my 'verdant deis' to call for my trusty stead... ;)

    1. Indeed quite a wedding! Thanks Lulu, hope you have an interesting weekend. All good wishes.

  2. Never heard the story before, let alone the poem. Cornwall has many myths, legends and stories. Hope you get out Again soon. ☺

  3. Thanks David - I'm out and about again now. Have a good week ahead.




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