Friday 4 June 2021

A Walk Around the Old Harbour at Charlestown, Cornwall - 20+ Photos

We are in Charlestown again for a stroll, but mainly to see the repaired harbour wall - see my post: A Glimpse of Charlestown, Cornwall While the Harbour Walls are Being Repaired.

All is now quite neat and tidy once more - though a few marks remain on the sea wall as can be seen above.

The only problem for walkers is that the gate, which is also a bridge, as seen in the above photo, was closed to pedestrians. This will no doubt be sorted soon.

Otherwise all looked as it should.

There had also been some work on the slipway, the new, neat stones contrasting with the old stone walls.

Looking at the photo below shows the whiter cement where the harbour wall has been repaired.

A few canoes were in the harbour.

We always like to walk along the high harbour wall where a man was fishing, though hadn't caught anything. A man asked him what he was hoping to catch. He replied, "Anything edible!"

Walking along the wall we could see the ship below with the sun suddenly sparkling on the sea.

It's an interesting view though, even if there aren't any boats to be seen.

From the main harbour we walked to the far end of what I always call the port. Not many boats or tall ships on display because of the gate I mentioned earlier which had been closed.

There is an old boat on display and ... 

...  a large anchor.

The Pizzeria adjoins the Shipwreck Treasure Museum.

We meandered back to the main harbour ...

... passing Poldark's tall ship and some cottages on high. I clicked a few quick photos as we continued.

And that was the end of our stroll - always a pleasure to spend time in Charlestown.

Moving on. Nope, the photo below isn't Charlestown! This is part of our back garden and we were expecting our son and his family for tea and cakes. We had everything ready, six chairs round the table and then it decided to rain. We grabbed all the umbrellas we could find to stop the chairs and table getting too wet. Luckily it was only a brief shower.

The rain though, blew our twisted willow tree.

And some pretty flowers cascaded over from next doors fence.

To finish today's post a pot of flowers in our garden - I can't remember at the moment what they are called. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have an interesting week. Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Thank you for your nice post and excursion, Mike. Have an enjoyable and safe weekend

    1. Thank you kindly, Nina, all good wishes for a happy weekend.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your photos of Charlestown and now that the wall is repaired, all is well once again! Isn’t it good to be out and about? Your garden’s enclosed patio is lovely and I especially like how it appears to be in a back corner, neatly tucked away. Most patios here are as close to the house as possible and I’ve always thought that odd when a nicer setting might be had elsewhere in the yard! Well done! We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow and hoping for a sunny day to be outside. Enjoyed the post, as always.

    1. Hello Ann and congratulations on your Golden Anniversary, I hope the sun shines for you.
      You are right, our patio is in the back corner of th garden, it seemed the logical place when we bought the house 45 years ago - how time flies.

      Have a wonderful day, you must have so many memories to enjoy. All good wishes to you both.

  3. Of all the areas you take us Charlestown is my favourite. Good to see all the work now finished and it looks really neat and impressive. As does your garden, some lovely flowers there Mike ☺

    1. Thanks David, Charlestown is one of our favourite places too, always something to see of interest - though it gets busy in the summer with visitors. Have a good weekend.

  4. Hello Mike, great to see the harbour wall looking ship shape. The Shipwreck Treasure Museum looks interesting. Have you been inside? Your twisted willow is wonderful. Your neighbour's glamorous plant is called Solanum cripsum and is related to the humble potato. Your beautiful pot plant flowers look like Osteospernum (African Daisy) but the foliage has me baffled (?) I agree with Ann - the patio is perfect and well done on operation 'keep -it -dry'! Hope you had a lovely time with tea, cakes and family. Take care, Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, thank you for your gardening expertise and knowledge.
      Normality again now at Charlestown and lots of visitors - of course! As for the Shipwreck Treasure Museum I haven't been inside for many years. It has no doubt changed since then.
      The tea and cakes were perfect - home made scones as well, of course!
      Have a good week.




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