Friday 26 November 2021

Cornish Harbours of Mevagissey and Charlestown

I'm starting off in Mevagissey for today's post, with it's jumble of boats and fishing paraphenalia.

I'm now moving on to another favourite harbour: Charlestown

I have written quite a few Charlestown posts, but these (I hope!) are all different photos.

Still in Charlestown.

After some rain there are reflections of the terrace of houses overlooking the harbour.

And to finish today's post I'm in  Lannwedhenek  - that's the Cornish language name for Padstow.

Thanks for visiting my blog - a shortish post this time as it's been a hectic week. 
All good wishes ~ Mike


  1. Lovely bright, colourful photo's Mike. They brighten up a cold day here and it's good to see the harbours full of boats and thriving. I'm from a fishing family, my dad sailed out of Grimsby, once the largest fishing port in the world. It's now a shadow of what it was and the town is in deep economic decline.
    But even in it's heydays it was never so bright and colourful as the Cornish harbours you show us. 😀

    1. Lots of colour in the Cornish harbours - though it's quite grey today and very cold. Interesting that your dad was a fisherman, I have great respect for those who go to sea - unfortunately I'm not a good sailor - though I love the sea! Sad to read of the decline of Grimsby and the fishing industry.

  2. Hello Mike, thank you for sharing those jolly harbour shots with us, even after a hectic week! I agree with David above, they certainly brighten a dull, cold day. The Mevagissey jumble of boats and lobster pots are just wonderful, as is the reflection in the puddle of the Charlestown terraces. I was nattering with my mum yesterday lunch time and although she doesn't comment here, she wanted to pass on how brilliant she thought your photos are - she always enjoys seeing them. Lulu :)

    1. Thank you Lulu, and your mum, for the kind words. I always enjoy visiting the harbours, there is usually something of interest to be discovered. Hope you have a good week.

    2. I have always loved Charlestown, but was shocked on a recent visit to see pop up businesses all around the area where the tall ships are!
      Such a shame to spoil it with
      selling poldark drinks! and bars.
      Please keep Charlestown as it once was

  3. It’s no secret that I love boats and harbors so of course I am delighted with this post. Lovely photos all around, colorful and active scenes even without people! I hope the upcoming week is a peaceful one for you!

    1. Hello Ann, always good to hear from you. I remember your love of boats from our G+ days. I always enjoy our visits to the Cornish harbours. All good wishes.



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