Friday 19 November 2021

Lovely Views of Polruan, Fowey and the Fowey River, Cornwall

I often seem to take photos of the Fowey River, looking across from the town of Fowey, so I thought a few pics from the Polruan side of the river would be in order.

Below is the Fowey River with various boats accumulating between Fowey Town and Polruan.

On the Polruan side of the river is the boatyard of C. Toms & Son which can be seen in the next two photos.
A ferry on the river.

Once arriving at Polruan there is the welcoming Lugger Inn.

If you walk up to the top of the hill in the village, there are lovely views -  see my post Polruan, Cornwall : Coastal Views, Chapel Ruins And A Castle

Now though we are looking across from Polruan to Fowey ...

... and another similar view.

Below is where Pont Pill Creek joins the Fowey River.

Here we are at Pont Pill itself - two photos.

From Pont Pill there is an uphill path with wonderful views of the River Fowey. This is part of one of my favourite walks, see my post The Magical Hall Walk at Fowey Cornwall - With Lots of Photos

Now back in Fowey Town - see The Lovely Riverside Town of Fowey, Cornwall, 21 Photos.

Moving on to other things - three photos of the trees on the opposite side of the road to our house.

It's interesting to see the changing of the trees throughout the year. Lots of leaves on the loose at this time of year

I had to visit St. Austell station and from the bridge there was a good view of the church tower and the countryside beyond.

A small train trundled into the station

Just in case you were thinking of dozing off here's a splash of colour seen in St. Austell town ...

... and some more fishy artwork

So that's another week gone, time does seem to fly by at times. What made me think of this was my grandson. He had to interview someone for a school project and he chose me. So we dug out lots old photos and stuff I've kept over the years. This included the picture of me from when I was 14 or 15 - as below.

Where have the years gone? So many memories. Enjoy your week, hope it's filled with happy days. Good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Great post Mike, so much to see and of my favourite subjects too. Boats & water, the boat yard pics are a bonus and I love the Fowey River area. The art works add a bit of colour as we go into winter. Lovely photo's Mike but who's that handsome young chap at the end? Oh yes, it's you! 👍 😀

    1. Thanks David, one of my favourite places to walk, especially out of the summer season. Always something different to see - plus a ride on a ferry

  2. Beginning with the stunning view and wonderful first photo, this post is delightful! I am surprised to see all of the bright green trees, but then the lovely autumn colors near your home tell me that the autumn does bring different shades to the trees. Of course the photo of you as a teen is priceless!

    1. Hello Ann, many thanks - always a special walk alongside the river, though the path has lots of ups and downs. Looking through old photos and other bits and pieces with my grandson stirred so many, Good wishes.

  3. How cute you look Mike in that old photograph!!! That's a lovely smiley photo :) Well, I never doze off at your posts but I did like the splash of colour, thank you. The Lugger Inn looks like a perfect place to stop for a shandygaff. How lucky to have those beautiful trees across your road, to see the colours changing daily. Wonderful photos of Polruan and Fowey too. I greatly enjoyed this post. Lulu xXx

    1. Thanks a lot Lulu for your kind words. The Fowey / Polruan area is very lovely. Have a good week.




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