Friday, 29 April 2022

Visiting The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Here we are wandering in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall. I snapped a few photos as we walked through the estate. The mature rhododendrons are somthing special at this time of year. As I understand it they were raised from seed, by plant hunters, sometime during 1847-1851.

The gardens were first developed between 1829-51. They then got 'lost' however, during the first world war.

Heligan House was used for convalescence during 1916-19 for officers of course!

In the second world war American troops used Heligan House as a base.

Anyway, what's important now are the plants and flowers.

The Heligan Estate stretches over 200 acres, so there should be plenty of elbow room for everyone.

A couple of tulip photos.

Moving on there are usually farm animals wandering about in various enclosures - here's a couple of goats ...

... and some sheep.

Moving on once more, looking across the estate. The fishing village of Mevagissey can be seen in the distance from some view points.

Leaving the formal gardens we moved on towards the Jungle.

There isn't a fixed way to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan. You can take various routes. A map is provided.

Here we are - something hairy. Quite harmless though!

Oh yes, and there's a wobbly rope bridge to get from one side of the valley to the other. Children love it! Though there is an alternative route for those not so steady on their pins.

A pleasant setting for a rest perhaps.

A few jungle photos follow.

Back to the real world, cows being nosey.

We made our way back through the woods to the Lost Gardens of Heligan exit, after a very pleasant walk.

That's all for today, many thanks for visiting my blog. Have a happy week ahead ~ Mike.

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  1. Another beautiful walk, Mike. Some parts look positively tropical while the tulips are totally Europe. You have so many wonderful walks there.

    1. Many thanks, think I'm happiest when I'm walking! All good wishes.

  2. The gardens at Heligan are really fascinating and the range of colours & foliage have brightened up what is a pretty grim sort of day up here on the North Sea coast. The lambs are what Spring is all about for me and I enjoyed seeing these here. My wife wouldn't even consider that rope bridge so I hope the alternative isn't a long way around! Lovely post Mike, great photo's, enjoy the week. 😊

    1. Hello David, I always enjoy a walk at Heligan. We have an annual locals passes so can pop in if in the area. Always interesting to see the seasons change with differing plants and flowers and the farm animals. There's a different route to avoid the rope bridge. Not quite so pleasant today weatherwise ( Monday). Enjoy your week

  3. Hello Mike, always super to see the Lost Gardens. I always think they are all the more magical for having ever been lost! Can we have an action shot of you lost in the jungle and crossing the rope swing bridge next time please? ;)

    1. Haha! Sure thing I'm not scared! Usually the rope bridge is full of children in the summer months - which is why I like to visit out of season. Not that I don't like children of course. Hope you have a good week.



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