Friday 27 January 2023


We had a walk, or perhaps it was more like a stroll, along part of the Pentewan Valley Trail. This stretches from St. Austell to the sea at Pentewan.

It was damp under foot but very pleasant otherwise. We walked alongside the small St. Austell River which is also known, by some, as the Vinnick River or the White River.

Part of the walk veered through an attractive wood, with fallen leaves underfoot.

It had been raining a heck of a lot, so much water lingered either side of the path.

The trees and reflections made some confusing views.

The trail ended for us at Pentewan harbour. The photo below shows the sluice gate built in 1872. This  controlled the water used to flush out the harbour basin. 

A few more small trees and quite a lot of water.

And then we reached the land locked harbour at Pentewan.

From here we retraced our steps alongside the river.

I guess we walked about three miles. So nothing too strenuous. It's always uplifting though to get out in the fresh air and amongst trees and nature.

Footnote: The Pentewan Trail was once the route of a railway which travelled from St. Austell to Pentewan Harbour transporting china clay. I mentioned this at the end of my blog post AFTERNOON TEA & OTHER MEANDERINGS

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike. 


  1. A pleasant walk, I enjoyed the photo's and as you said, getting out into the fresh air and trees is always a good thing. Enjoy the weekend Mike

    1. Thanks David. We always enjoy walks through trees or by the coast. Hope your weekend id going well, it has been quite cold here.



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