Friday 3 February 2023


Porthpean Road, Cornwall
What a lovely surprise, a blue sky day so we headed for Porthpean Beach, which is about two or three miles from the town of St. Austell and is part of St. Austell Bay.

Porthpean beach and cliffs, Cornwall

Porthpean Beach is simply a stretch of sand backed by cliffs, as can be seen in in the the photo above. It's not a hot spot for tourists but is somewhere the locals visit. 

The name Porthpean is from the Cornish language words 'porth' meaning cove and 'pean' meaning little or small.

I always find cliffs interesting.

Cliff rocks at Porthpean, Cornwall

Some of the Porthpean cliffs are topped with trees.

Ckiffs on the cliffs at Porthpean, Cornwall

There are a couple of sets of steps for anyone (like me) who wants to get to the top of the cliffs. The steps also lead to the coastal path.

Steps to top of cliffs at Portpean, Cornwall

Looking down from the steps, half way. Not many people on the beach today!

Porthpean Beach, looking down from cliffs

A view now from the top of the cliffs looking down on Porthpean beach.

View from cliffs at Porthpean, Cornwall

At the top of the cliffs is an old look-out used during World War 2.

Old look out at top of Poerthpean Cliffs, Cornwall

From the look-out the surrounding countryside can be seen. Lots of fields of green.

Countryside looking from Porthpean cliff top.

I reached the coastal path which heads towards Duporth Beach and Charlestown

This a wonderful positive about Cornwall, there is a coastal path all along the county and beyond. The path isn't always as neat, tidy and flat, as shown in my photo below, but is walkable as long as you don't mind ups and downs.

That's all for today.

Cornish Coastal Footpath at Porthpean

Map showing Porthpean, Duporth, Charlestown etc.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.


  1. This looks quite an energenic walk Mike, the view from the top of the steps looks a long way down!

    1. It is quite a climb but I think the views are worth the effort - though my wife stayed on the beach, as she didn't fancy all of the steps. Thanks David.

  2. Yes, quite a good work out by the looks of it! Who needs the gym when there are coastal paths and steps aplenty. What an amazing colour the cliffs are. I do love a good locals' beach :) x

  3. Hello Lulu, we are so lucky in Cornwall to have such beaches - especially out of season. A walk along the sand always lifts the spirits. Good wishes.

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