Saturday 13 May 2023

A walk around Mevagissey Harbour

Quite a jumble of boats in Mevagissey's inner harbour. There are  a lot of cliffs and rocks too -  some  sheltering the window in the photo below.

More rocks looking out to  sea.

The harbour wall underfoot - a mixture of colours. Just think of all the people who would have walked along this harbour walls over the years.

Unfortunately these gentlemen haven't been successful with their fishing.

The Mevagissey lighthouse on the opposite harbour wall. The small lighthouse is made of cast iron and is hexagonal in shape. the The lght can be seen for about twelve nautical miles. It was built in 1896.

A very narrow road, or path leading to cottages.

The cottages have a fine view of the harbour plus the hill leading down to Mevagissey.

Boats in the harbour.

Looking across to the opposite side of Mevagissey harbour.

Bits and pieces on the harbour wall.

The harbour Office.

So, whose rock is this?

That's all of the photos for today. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. 
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  1. It looks a bit tricky getting a boat out of the inner harbour, or even getting to one. Lovely to see the sunny weather, the colours really stand out. Especially on the pic of the boat which I'm assuming has a Fowey registration.

    1. Hello David, thanks and you are right about the Fowey registration. Another pleasant day today, has been quite sunny. More people on the local roads though, seems the visitors are arriving. Good wishes.

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